Rant; Not safe in your own home.

Not having kids of my own I can’t fully understand how difficult it is raise a child / children. Though many of my friends have kids, as well as being an auntie to two energetic nephews both below the age of 5.

I do sometimes wonder what it is about today’s kids and how they are raised. What values are they being taught and by whom. When is it OK for them to wander into a stranger’s back garden, walk up to their door and then try to open it?  This is what recently happened to my parents during the school half term holiday. My youngest brother was downstairs and saw them; they saw him too and ran. The police were called and they sent someone round.Gerald_G_Police_man Not sure if they came so quickly as they thought someone was in the house, either way they came. The CSI team were called as it appeared the idiot boys had left fingerprints on the glass, as without any evidence such as fingerprints there is not much the police can do. Even then it is only if the fingerprints return a result. Oh and even if the fingerprints do return a result not much can actually be done because that person has not actually committed a crime. They may have intended to commit a crime but seeing as they didn’t get that chance then its OK for them to wander into people’s gardens act suspicious then walk away.

Advice from the police; be cautious for about a week, meaning till the school holidays are over. With reassuring information like this makes you feel all secure in your own home!

Many years ago a group of young idiot boys vandalised my parents car, both brothers and youngest sister were home. The elder of the two brothers caught one of the boys till the police arrived. What happened? Nothing, the boy and other friends of his were cautioned. They should have been made to pay for the damages but no, they got away with damaging someone else’s property with no real consequences. So even if you are to catch the ‘criminal’, because that is what they are the law protects them.

Can’t imagine why the public has little faith in the UK legal system. Perhaps I am coming across as a bit harsh, though I don’t think I am.

Kids today know the law and know what they can get away with. It is not just out on the streets but also in schools. We all know there are some excellent teachers out there and then there are the ones who really should just find another career. For those teachers who are right there at the top doing the best they can and then you have some tw@ts who don’t want to learn and don’t others to learn. What can the teachers do without being accused of carrying out some kind of abuse when all the teacher did was remove them from the class? The said student is backed up by their parents even though their behaviour is wrong.

Who’s is responsible for the way today’s kids are turning out? The parents?  The Schools? Society?

I’ve probably missed off some other group who could be accountable for a young person’s negative behaviour. Circumstances can play a part in some cases, problems at home, peer pressure to be accepted in certain groups, even fear, if you can beat them join them attitude.

I’m only in my 30’s but can honestly say that too many kids today have a lack of respect for anyone and in some cases even themselves, with no really ambition. OK I know today’s economy is pants and out government hardly instil a vote of confidence but there are kids out there who don’t who break from the negative stereotypical opinions of today’s kids. My hairdresser was telling about a young boy in the local neighbourhood who at the age of 15 has his own business cutting people’s grass, doing odd jobs, clearing gutters, painting and the other local kids don’t like him because he doesn’t want to hang around doing nothing. The same boy is an only child and helps his parents and wants to be financially stable as possible for someone his age as he knows money is tight for many of us with rising costs.

On the flip side, same hairdresser in the recent snow had problems with two young boys throwing snowballs at her shop. nicubunu_Weather_Symbols_SnowKnowing where the boys lived she went to their houses and asked the mums to come to the shop to get their boys. One mum outright refused to come saying her son is always getting into trouble and can’t be bothered, whilst the other one said she would come in a few minutes and didn’t turn up. Eventually the police were called as they had taken to throwing snowballs at people. The kids answered with, they are underage so the police can’t arrest them!

It’s not only the law today’s lids are clued up on but also what they are entitled to with the assumption if they can’t get a job or don’t want to work the government will provide through benefits. In some ways it would be nice to be able to put my feet up and live the life of Riley but I think I would get bored and have to find something to occupy myself. I’m not a drinker, so spending all my benefit money on alcohol wouldn’t be an option; I’m not a smoker so that’s out as well. It would have to be clothes and bling. 😉


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