Birthday Cake!


This weekend was D-Day for nephew #2’s birthday cake. I was running on reserve energy for most of it, Friday morning I woke up with a full blown cold; Watery eyes, bunged up nose etc. The caring sharing person that I am took myself and my germs to work to return said germs to the people I had caught them from.

I started doing the small bits like the lettering on Friday night  so I wasn’t faffing around with them on Saturday.

Saturday, I didn’t start baking till mid afternoon as I needed to get a few last minute things. Then I began making the cake.

Whilst the cake was cooking my housemates made a few fondant Batman templates, these were to go on some of the cupcakes for nephew #1.

Everything was going well till my electric hand mixer decided to go to the big electric hand mixer in the sky mid-way through making the buttercream. Short detour to Argos, then back to work. To finish off the cake, I made the little fondant cars and housemate made the fondant candle on top of the cake.20130223_2030261[1]

With cake, cupcakes finished and the majority of the tidying up all done, I was eventually able to sit down and eat something at 9.30 pm. Luckily I didn’t have to cook anything..housemate had some extra fish and chips 😀

Sunday I finished the last of the cleaning, I don’t know how but there seemed to be buttercream icing everywhere! Then off to the birthday party.

Not sure if nephew #2 understood what was going on but he seemed to like the cake, or at least the icing anyway. 🙂



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