Odd Jobs

You may think you have a difficult job or need the patience of a saint, but spare a thought for the poor souls who have these odd jobs.

  1. Worm Farmer – Worms are good for breaking down waste to produce happy soil for plants to grow
  2. Pet Food Taster – Only the best for Rex the Chihuahua
  3. Lego Sculptor – Where would Legoland be without them?
  4. Dog Yoga Teacher – Even your pet pooch needs a bit of mind, body and soul stimulation
  5. Fortune Cookie Writer – Where else did you think they came from?
  6. Snake Milker – Removing venom from a snake to make anti-venom
  7. Chicken sexer – Separating the boys from the girls
  8. Golf Ball Diver – Retrieving lost balls from ponds
  9. Body Farm Caretaker – ‘..drags a dead body out of a grave but also removes the maggots attached to its rotten flesh and everything else that could be on interest to scientists.’
  10. Barbie Dress Designer – Even a 54 year old doll has to keep up with fashion trends

There were so many more weird and wonderful jobs out there that people are willing to do that writing them all down would have turned into a short essay.

You are laughing at some of these jobs but you may not be laughing after you’ve read this list of well-paying odd jobs.

  1. Aeroplane Repo Man – Bought that plane but can’t pay for it? The repo man can earn 6%-10% of the plane’s resale price
  2. Window Cleaner for the Gherkin building in London. – Hope they didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the day. Estimated earnings of approximately £50k a year
  3. Golf Ball Divers – It’s not a fun job trawling through the murky waters to find lost golf balls. Earning on average approximately £100k pa will make it a bit easier
  4. Zombie – Earning a starting salary of approximately £30k pa, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this brain sucking, flesh rotting group?
  5. Crop Duster pilot – If you can avoid the roofs of buildings and telephone lines you could earn approximately $80k pa
  6. Crime Scene Cleaner – Not for the faint hearted, but the (approximately) $35k pa salary should help settle your stomach. Whistle while you work…
  7. Ethical Computer Hacker – These companies want you to hack their systems, hence the ethical part. For approximately £94k pa, why not?
  8. Island Caretaker – You all saw the advert. Film and write a blog about the island all to get paid approximately £73k pa. Get that sun lotion on standby
  9. Voice Over Artists – We find them annoying, we mock them for their exaggerated voices yet they are the ones laughing all the way to the bank earning approximately £56k pa
  10. Cowboy – You loved playing a cowboy as a child, who says it has to stop? Peter Pan never grew up and he turned out fine. For approximately £45k pa you too can carry on playing a cowboy

There are plenty more outlandish yet well-paying jobs out there. If you are no longer finding your desk job as rewarding as it once was then why not become a Cow Boy? Not out there enough for you? How about an embalmer or a Pearl Diver? Whatever you’re fancy there is a job waiting for you out there.

Not yet ready to break from the norm and be known as the person with the weird job, then run a job search on our website www.jobserve.com and see what normal job your search returns.




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