Little by little.

I finally have a name for my Facebook business page; ‘Just Have Cake’. I’m currently working on tidying up some of the cupcake and cake pictures using the free photo editing tool, GIMP. This is essentially does the same thing as Photoshop and Fireworks but is free. I’ve used Photoshop and Fireworks many moons ago so have been re-learning how to tidy up backgrounds which is taking longer than my patience allow. I haven’t invited anyone on my personal Facebook page to ‘like’ my business page, but think it’s OK to share the link with you all 😉

Ideas / suggestions are welcomed 🙂

Putting the Facebook page together is taking longer than I had hoped, slowly but surely I’ll get there.


Adding to my collection of bakes I found this excellent milk chocolate fudge cake  recipe from a fellow blogger; Homemade with Mess. If you there is only one chocolate cake you have a go at making I recommend this one. The recipe is easy to follow and is definitely one cake that will have you going back for seconds, thirds, fourths….

This was my attempt. Not too bad for my first attempt, need to work on smoothing out the icing skills.

I made it to the gym last night, first time this year. I can honestly say it felt like I was being punished. Today, joints, muscles, just everything is suffering. Along with diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, I can also add arthritis to the list of ailments that have been passed through my family! Fortunately I’m diabetes and heart disease clear and have healthy kidneys though I do fear the possibility of developing arthritis so am doing all I can to prevent it.

I will be going back to the gym on a more regular basis as last nights experience has shown though petite in stature I am unfit.

I have to do something especially if I am going to continue eating the way that I do. I am not yet ready to start waddling like a penguin just because my legs, bum and tum decided to take on an enlarging life of their own!


3 thoughts on “Little by little.

  1. Hi Fozia,

    I really like the lay-out of your blog. And this is too cute, ‘I have to do something especially if I am going to continue eating the way that I do.’

    I am with you on that one. I would like to lose about 5 lbs but I sure do like my chocolate. 🙂



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