Mother’s Day

Sunday 10th March it was Mother’s day in the UK.

With five siblings and two nephews we all piled round to my parent’s house.

There were the obligatory flowers and gifts.

Seeing it wasn’t fair for our mum to cook for us all, although I can make cakes my main meals are still not that great so I opted out of dinner making and went with dessert.

As it turned out we got a takeaway and stuffed ourselves to our hearts content.

My mum isn’t too keen on buttercream icing, she finds it too sweet and always complains there is too much of it, then there are other people I have made cakes for who love the buttercream!LemonFeatheredCupcakes[1]

I remembered the last time I made lemon cupcakes with a lemon glace icing my mum raved about them (not to my face of course but to other siblings!). So I made them again this time.NutellaChocolateCupcakes[1]

I tried to make some molten chocolate cupcakes with a gooey centre this time using Nutella as the filling. This didn’t work as well as using individual chocolate pieces. The cakes are ideally meant to be eaten warm (I like to have them with cream ;-)). In the case of the Nutella ones the chocolate spread seemed to mix in with the batter. The cakes tasted nice but not what I was aiming for.

I’ve been trying to get the social media pages up and running for ‘Just Have Cake’. A full time job in tow for which I update the company social media pages, I know how much work is involved in maintaining them. It is a case of finding the time, meaningful, relevant information to post. I know it will eventually get easier once things are up and running 🙂

It was a work colleagues big 4.0 birthday this week. His wife makes an excellent banana cake, I think I may have wrangled a copy of that recipe. ;-D

Excellent doesn’t even begin to describe the raspberry cakes also made by colleagues wife, light, fluffy and completely addictive. I’ve been told the recipe for them is top secret. So I’ve been playing Miss Sherlock. I think the cakes were a chiffon cupcake recipe as the texture seemed very similar. I’ve found a recipe online that I am going to try out. If it’s a success, it will be something else to add to my increasing recipe repertoire.

You can access the ‘Just Have Cake’ Facebook and Twitter pages from the above links, should you wish to have peek! 😉


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