Easter Bunnies & Unwell Nephew


As mentioned in my ‘Mother’s Day’ blog I tried out the Chiffon cupcake recipe I found on the Food Network. The recipe just said flour, because the recipe included baking powder I assumed it meant plain flour.

This was the first time I had followed this type of cupcake recipe so wasn’t really sure what anything was supposed to look like.  I think the cake batter looked ok, and I don’t think I over whisked the egg whites as it didn’t have that separated watery look, I did get peaks so guessed that was a good sign!

I wasn’t sure how much to fill the cases, do filled midway. This batch, when they came out of the oven weren’t as big as what I was expecting. While they were sitting out cooling to my horror they started to sink in the middle like someone / something was sucking the air out of them!

I had a tray of mini cases which were filled nearly to the top that I popped into the oven. While these were cooking I Googled the mystery of my sinking cakes. It could have been unstable oven temperature (my oven does occasionally get a case of PMT), I could have over whisked the egg whites, the room temperature could have been too hot whilst the cakes were cooling :-s ?!?

The mini cupcakes looked a bit better and didn’t appear to sink whilst cooling.

For last batch were normal sized cupcakes I used more batter in each cake case. These ones appeared to be a ‘normal’ size, one of two got a slight dip whilst cooling but otherwise no significant sinkage…so what went wrong with the first batch..not a clue!

They tasted nice anyway. Different texture to a sponge cake that you feel you can easily eat a few more without feeling too full though your conscience may feel a bit guilty for eating a few too many cakes in one go. 😉

Easter_cupcakes[1]I decided to practice icing using different nozzles and trying out different designs. Don’t think I did too badly, they looked kind of cute anyway. 😀

With the aid of YouTube I made some fondant rabbits. Cute as they were, were too big to sit on a cupcake, so I used the carrots I made to go on one of the good looking cupcakes.

Seeing the bunnies on my Facebook a friend has challenged me to make either BoyZone (UK/Ireland Boyband) or Sesame Street fondant characters for her birthday, she’ll make the cake. I’ve opted for Sesame Street. If anyone knows of any tutorials or tips on how to make Sesame Street characters out of fondant or gum paste please do send them my way. 🙂

CryingBabyThis same weekend nephew #2 had to be admitted to hospital. The poor baby was ill Thursday evening with a sickness bug. By Saturday the sickness had stopped being replaced by diarrhea  By this point he had no energy and turns out was severely dehydrated. They were referred by the doctor to the hospital, there they had to wait for nearly 4 hours before seeing the consultant. Why they had to wait so long? When brother in law went to see about nephew #2 being seen sooner the lame excuse for a nurse looked at the notes and said ‘let’s be honest he’s not that badly dehydrated’ .. the baby’s condition may not have been so severe in the morning but by late afternoon had deteriorated to the point that as my sister described he was now ‘floppy and barely opening his eyes’.  Whilst waiting to be seen by the consultant and speaking with another patient my sister found out this same nurse had been rude to them when asked about some medication prescribed to their granddaughter.

As soon as the consultant saw nephew he was put onto a drip, but even then there was difficulty finding a vein. Apart from that one incident my sister could not fault the treatment they received from the doctors and nurses on the ward.

However my sister is going to be making a complaint, had the nurse taken the time to even look at my nephew and not just what was written on a bit of paper perhaps she would have taken his condition more seriously.

I maybe sounding harsh about nurses but I don’t think so. I know that sometimes it is like a lottery whether you get a good nurse or not. My housemate is a nurse and tells me how some of the nurses behave. Plus losing both uncles last year, several years prior losing grandparents on mums side and seeing how the elderly are treated, I’ve had enough experience of the medical profession to last me a life time…very rarely has it been positive.

Nephew was in hospital for three days, came off the drip Monday morning. His little hands and feet were puffy where they had pushed through plenty of liquids. Hands and feet have since returned to a normal.

Nephew #2 came home Monday evening. I was visiting nephew #1 who had been staying with his grandparents so waited till sister and nephew #2 were home.

Whilst sister had a bit of a rest (hadn’t slept properly for the entire hospital stay) I was running around, whilst carrying nephew #2 playing football with nephew #1, or playing catch or being chased or dancing..it was a whole cardio / weight lifting session for me! Heard Tuesday morning though a bit weak, nephew #1 had fought with his brother for his toast and won.

As a treat I have ordered a batman t-shirt for him and nephew #2 a ‘Chicco remote controlled police car’. It’s hard work being an auntie! 😉


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