Spending money and chocolate cake

This weekend I visited the ‘Cake International’ event at London Excel. I usually drive to the venue as it only takes about 45 minutes, this time thanks to road works it took a fair bit longer.

The event itself was very good, so many different stalls and ideas to try out. I didn’t get to try out the tutorials as some of them you had to pay extra for and by the time myself and the people I was with had found this part of the exhibition they were all fully booked. The stall holders themselves were full of information, so I picked their brains.

The competition and showcase cakes with phenomenal!  Here are some of the pictures I took.

20130413_120334_ShoeCake[1]  20130413_120228_WreckITRalph[1]  20130413_120239_HandbagCake[1]

Women in small groups can at times be dangerous, put us altogether in one place and it could turn into a civil war! Naturally the place was very busy with plenty of people. Some were friendly and though complete strangers you could have a bit of a giggle with or ask them baking related questions. Others clearly did not know the words ‘excuse me please’, or liked to feel you had in someway wronged them when they were the ones who had knocked into you. On the whole the majority of people I came across at the event were very nice and wouldn’t mind going again.

I did spend a reasonable amount of money, but in my mind it was worth it. 🙂

The last time I made a chocolate cake housemate #1 had given up chocolate for lent so was unable to have any. I said I would make a chocolate cake especially for her. It was also a good opportunity to try out the rose silicone moulds I had bought at the exhibition. 20130415_204537_FlowerSiliconeMould[1] 20130414_224203_ChocCakeRoses[1]I was so tired by the time I had finished making and decoration the cake that I didn’t even try any till the next day.

I don’t own any weighing scales I go by how I feel in my clothes which I have discovered are feeling a bit tight, the trousers in particular. Until I can fit in some more exercise time I am going to have to alter my eating habits before this persons trunk increases the amount of junk it has in it!


2 thoughts on “Spending money and chocolate cake

    • I was completely in awe of all the cakes on show. It was a bit sad to see that some cakes that had damaged in transit, especially with all the hard work and time spent on creating them.


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