I tried out a different kickboxing class this week. It is run the same person I buy my kickboxing equipment from. His classes are longer than the usual class I go to, 2 hours and slightly more in price, but it still works out cheaper if I went to two separate 2 hours classes.

With the extra time, this class focused a lot more on the warm-up. Stretching in particular, my body is being ‘encouraged’ to move in certain ways that at the moment is refusing to comply with! If I want to improve my round kicks then I am going to have to stretch more.

The instructor is nearly 65 years of age and as flexible as an elastic band! According to the instructor, I have strong punches but weak legs, if I go regularly he thinks I’ll be more flexible in a few weeks, I’m not yet convinced.

By the end of the class I had worked out, if I stick with this class by the time I have kids I’ll have been stretched ever which way possible, giving birth should be a doddle! :-s

Regular kickboxing class tonight. I’m a bit sore from the other class but not so sore that I can’t move without crying 😉

If I continue to go to both classes then I may get rid of my gym membership. I’ve only been about 3 times this year, not very good considering how much I pay a month.bunny-eating-carrot-md

I’ve also been on rabbit food for the past two weeks in a bid to fit comfortably in a particular pair of jeans. Think I am going to have to accept as I get older my body is changing…so far nothing is heading in the wrong direction, my cooking is improving and as far as I can tell I am eating and feeling healthier. However…it doesn’t matter what anyone says rabbit food cannot be made interesting and it does not fill you up no matter how large the portion is!


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