Which body image are you trying to conform to?

It was starting to reach the point that I was thinking even the sun didn’t like the UK. But then low and behold this week the temperatures made it into double digits and the sun came out to play.

Not sure if this is also related to the rare appearance of the sun but I’m noticing an influx boarding on an obsessive amount of weight loss, how to look younger naturally and plastic PlasticSurgeryAdvertsMalePlasticSurgeryAdvertsurgery adverts; the majority aimed at females on the social networking sites, noticeably Pinterest and Facebook. Don’t worry guys, so you don’t feel left out there are adverts on how to improve you pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps etc with the latest supplement shakes or if you can’t be doing with sweating like a beast down at the gym then you too can opt for surgery. 😉

Some people are happy being a bit on the larger side, others are happy being on the petite side as long as you’re not going completely OCD and are happy in yourself. Though even the strongest willed person can start to feel a little unnerved when you see adverts of ‘Mindy’ or ‘ Mercedes’ before and after pictures where they now have a muscular, toned physique. I’m all for the toned look, but in some of the ‘after’ pictures the girls could have taken it a bit too far. They should have put the dumb bell down and have a sandwich or two instead.  OK they are toned and much smaller than they were before, but still something does not look right, they are more androgynous looking.

Then there are the adverts for ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ slimming pills. They look all flowery and harmless, but do you know the side effects of some of the pills? Read the fine print and user reviews. Then there is theSlimmingPills expense, these things aren’t cheap. How do you know the product you are purchasing over the internet is not banned in your country location or several countries for that matter?

Publication media is popular as in the sense girls will still look at magazines to see what is the latest fashion trend. Social media enables access to a much larger range of past, present and future trends, images interviews. Though I don’t want to constantly keep seeing images and ‘suggestions’  to conform to an image that has been created in the fashion world and helped along by the media, especially when I am tucking into a delectable calorific doughnut! Besides it’s not natural or healthy for a woman who is 5ft 8 inches female to weigh the same as a prepubescent child. . If you look at the fashion designers, how many of them would be able to fit into the clothes they’ve created? They were probably developing their creative ideas whilst eating their own doughnut.

Only this week it was reported that British women would rather be thin than earn more money. The logical thing would be to earn more money use it to have surgery to make you thin! Short term expense to be thin and you get to keep earning the extra money.

Things are changing even down the type of mannequins used to model female lingerie. Take the Swedish mannequins which are shaped to represent the ‘fuller figured’ female.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take our health seriously, or that losing and maintaining your weight is an easy task. I just not a fan of seeing advert upon advert on my social media sites about how doing a guzzilion squats and crunches every day for 6 weeks is going to give me a J Lo booty and Gwen Stefani abs when after a busy day all I want to do is put my feet up with a cup of tea (I’m from the UK, don’t mess with my tea!) and a cake! I maybe petite framed round the waist but my thighs have a mind of their own hence the reason why I go kickboxing. Plus genetics has a lot to do with things. My mum was petite framed when she was young, then her five blessed children came along and she has struggled with her weight since, especially after she had my brothers. I’m planning on having only girls, one, because we rule and two, so my waistline has a fighting chance.


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