In Pain

Last night was my first round of kickboxing for the week. Punches, no problem. Kicks are a bit more difficult on account of me not being very flexible. For me the majority of the class was spent working on my legs; kicking and doing different stretching techniques. I discovered that it is not only my legs that are the problem but also my back, all of which are very stiff. That’s what comes of sitting down for a good percentage of the day. I am told to do certain stretches every night to improve.

Needless to say that today I am feeling the effects, my legs hurt, my head hurts, it all hurts! With the aid of some ibuprofen and plenty of fluids I am starting to vaguely resemble a human being.

The things I put myself through in the name of self defence and  exercise. I’m just glutton for punishment as I am off to another kickboxing class tomorrow night.

Feel free to throw any tips and advice on how to gain some sort of flexibility without crying in pain my way, just don’t throw them too hard, I bruise like a peach! 😉


5 thoughts on “In Pain

  1. This is topical. I’ve just been working on the text of a new app for Justyn Billingham which is all about stretching and flexibility. When I spoke to him last he challenged me to do the box splits. But Justyn I said, I’m an old lady but he says you have to stretch every day to get results. I’ve started the Box Splits challenge now and so far so good, I haven’t actually snapped myself in half :-). His top tip for stretching is to do it every evening in front of the telly instead of slumping on the sofa. The other thing he says is that it’s not going to happen in a couple of weeks, that’s why you have to stretch every day even if you’re not training that day


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