Art Gallery & Birthday Cake

20130513_083523_SparksCakesWork[1]As you know from my last cake related post, ‘Girly Cake’, I was taking part in the charity Sparks ‘bake for bumps campaign’. I brought in some cakes to work from which everyone was generous and helped raised some money.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned on here that my brother submitted some of his artwork to the Basildon EastgateArt gallery.  The first time he submitted some artwork to the 20130511_125618_MohsinGallery[1]review panel he didn’t get through. In between the first and second submissions he had been working on improving his skills and working with different mediums. Second time round he was more successful. As the gallery is free and also relies on donations the artist whose work is on display are required to volunteer at the gallery. This is perfect for my brother as he is a bit shy and he also gets to put this experience down on his CV. So if you ever happen to find yourself in Basildon’s Town Centre then have a wander round the gallery.

A good friend of mine asked me to make her a Spiderman birthday cake for her 9 year old son. I’ve not ever made a Spiderman cake before and she asked me to make 20130518_101417_SpidermanCake[1]her a cake Thursday ready for Saturday. I work full time and there aren’t any cake shops close to my place of work to buy the things I would need to make the cake. What does any person do when they are in a bit of a situation? I phoned my mum. Gave her a list of the things I would need and she sent my dad off to the local cake shop. Bless him, my dad didn’t have a clue what he was after and just handed the lady at the over the counter my list. I think the lady at the shop must get this a lot, men coming in with shopping lists from the women in their lives. Friday night I didn’t sleep till about 1am. Up early Saturday to finish it off. Everything was going fine until it came to icing the web. I’ve not done this type of icing before and realised I definitely need more practice. I wasn’t overly impressed with the web but my friend and her son likes the cake. Plus everyone who came to his birthday enjoyed the cake.

This weekend I’m going to be attempting to make my brother a paint palette birthday cake.


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