Bank Holiday Weekend

This bank holiday weekend was spent celebrating my youngest brother’s birthday, he turned 19. Out of all the siblings my youngest brother and sister turned out to be the tallest. Not sure if he is still growing, as he always seems to be that bit taller every time I see him, or I’m shrinking!

My brother is the artsy one, for his birthday cake I made him a paint palette cake. There were a few mistakes here and there but overall the cake didn’t turn out too badly. The cake itself 20130524_165047_MohsinsBirthdayCake[1]tasted nice, though my dad did have to make a point of saying the ‘cake could have been a bit more spongy’, not that my dad has ever made a cake himself. 😉

This is also the weekend me and my brothers went to comic con at the London Excel exhibition centre. The event runs for 3 days, this year we went on the last day. Not sure if that was the reason why there seemed to be fewer stalls. I always find this event interesting, I mostly people watch. Some of the costumes people have clearly spent a lot of time and effort in creating. I bought some chop sticks for my hair so I was happy. 😀

For all my talk about ‘going to the gym’, I finally did it and got my booty in gear, not once but twice in one week. I know, I know what is going on? Parts of the gym I do find boring, but once I’m on that treadmill I’m OK, till I’m exhausted & I can’t run any more or till I’m feeling a bit de-stressed. Strange how exercise can have that effect on you, after you’ve panting away trying to get rid of those pesky love handles, and hope of one day getting abs like Gwenyth Paltrow (check out Iron Man 3, you’ll see what I mean) your heart rate has stabilised and you realise you are not having a heart attack the happy endorphin’s take over. Also I’m going on a well-deserved spa day in about two weeks so want to look semi decent in my tankini. 😉

Another week over with, this weekend I’m finally getting a wardrobe for my room and it’s going to have the shoe holder!…it doesn’t take much to keep my happy. So who is up for helping me put the wardrobe together when it’s delivered? 😉


2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Weekend

  1. I do agree about gym and endorphins. It’s amazing what exercise can do to one’s mood ad attitude. The cake looks terrific!


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