Scaredy Cat

Can a person grow to enjoy watching horror films? As a child I couldn’t watch Jaws, even now the mechanical life like creature stills sends me reaching for the cushions to block out any audio and visual connections with what is about to happen. I think it is more to do with the music, it’s the build-up to the eventual limb chomping action. As for Psycho, forget it. Whether it be day light or not, there is absolutely no way I can bring myself to watch it, 200px-Care_BearsI would have to watch a run of Care Bears (for those of us who remember them) to calm my heart down to a normal pace.

A friend of mine has a dvd collection that would rival Blockbusters! We have been gradually trying to build up my horror movie tolerance levels and are starting with some oldish movies. Even then it took at least two attempts before I could watch NightBreed all the way through. The first 5 minutes was enough for me that we had to stop watching and put Doctor Who on. Once I got past those heart palpitating, palm sweating moments I was able to watch the rest. This weekend it was Pet Semetery, adapted from a Stephen King book.  I managed to get through the film, but it was late and I reminded my friend that was going to be driving home in the myself. So afterwards we watched an episode of Men Behaving Badly to erase any traumatising scenes that were still floating around in my head. I think maybe a few more films like these before I’m ready to graduate to the next level of horror film.

I ordered and had delivered a wardrobe from Ikea. For those of you who don’t know since moving into my house I’ve not really had a proper wardrobe. I know unusual for a female, butkomplement-shoe-organiser__58193_PE163846_S4 other things kept getting in the way and I wanted a good sized wardrobe. I am a little bit excited. Me and my mum went off to Ikea early enough to miss the rush and had one created on the computer. It has a shoe organiser 🙂

My brothers are coming to put the wardrobe together for me this Sunday. This is a good excuse to sort out my clothes, throw out the old and go buy some new ones.

Another blogger posted a easy peasy eggless cake recipe so thought I would give it a try.20130602_162512EgglessCupcakes[1] It was most likely something I had done wrong as the cakes looked like they were doing ok, rising etc. When the 20 minutes were up I checked the cakes and they weren’t quite done but were rising. So I left them in for a bit longer and when I looked again they had sunk! The texture is spongy and light but I’m not sure if this is how they are meant to look. It was my first time making them and I shouldn’t expect to be perfect at making them without a bit of practice, but still it was a bit of a mood diffuser. So housemate #2 put on House Of Flying Daggers to cheer me up, nothing like a bit of martial arts action to bring a smile back on my face, especially when it’s the female lead character kicking booty. 😀


7 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat

  1. I watched House of the Flying Daggers on Youtube at the weekend. Loved it – except for the long drawn out fight scene at the end where the seasons seemed to change as the fight between the girl’s love rivals went on and on and on


    • I agree, they could have shortened the fight scene a bit. In the amount of time they took to fight, I wasn’t expecting the girl to still be alive.
      Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is still one of my favourites.


  2. A woman after my own heart.. i have a severe phobia of Sharks (which even gives me shivers down my spine just writing that word) so Jaws was an absolute no way and still is. My care bears were also my safety blanket, especially Love-a-lot the pink one with the heart on his tummy..


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