New Wardrobe

It’s been about 4 years since I moved into my house and I finally have a proper wardrobe! My brothers and my dad came and put the all singing, all dancing wardrobe with sliding doors, full length mirror and a shoe rack together yesterday. I did try to help by making the draws and putting together the shoe rack. 😀

When I first spoke with the sales assistant at Ikea to create the wardrobe I wanted it looked spacious and would easily fit everything. In my exhausted state last night I found out that despite having a clear out I still have more clothes than I thought, I found items of clothing I thought I had lost. I’m going to have to be creative in the way I place things in the wardrobe so that everything fits.

Last night though extremely tired to the point I could barely move, yet I still watched the new French horror television series on channel 4, “The Returned”.  The English subtitles didn’t concern me, on the whole I think it’s going to be a good programme. If you missed the first episode last night you can watch it on 4oD, otherwise it’s on Sunday at 9pm. If your imagination is anything like mine and has a tendency to go into overdrive, this could be how the zombie apocalypse begins. 😉


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