Take my germs..please!

I’m all for getting rid of a cold by passing on the germs to others, I’m just that caring sharing type of a person. However there are some exceptions to the rule; a minor cold with a few sniffles we can let that go, germs that can lay you out for a few days; keep them at home! These said germs came from one main source and have already taken down two managers. Despite being in close vicinity of the germ incubator, I’m doing my best to fight them off.

Last week was the sore throat that felt like I had swallowed pins with the disgusting metallic taste. That has been replaced with sniffles, headaches and the occasional need to get my head down. With the aid of drugs; paracetamol and the chocolaty goodness of a mini roll, I’m resembling a human of sorts. It’s just a case of here in body, spirit I have no idea where it’s gone it didn’t even leave a note.

I have nothing against sweating out the germs by going for the first of my weekly kickboxing class only I’m not yet convinced I would even have the energy to put my boxing gloves on let alone punch a pad, or anyone!

Being a Tuesday my darling, demonic nephews are at my parents so I doubt I would find solace there today…I’m the auntie that even at my age still runs around with them like a kid, none of that will be happening today. Plus side I will get food and some kind of magic potion from my mum to make me feel better. 😉

I am at work and determined to return the germs to its original host…by coughing over his mug. Childish? Maybe. Satisfying…of course! 😀


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