Mobile Advertising; 2013 so far

I wrote an article on Mobile Advertising back in February 2013.

I still believe that mobile advertising is a love hate thing. I personally am not a fan of it; I don’t appreciate the various adverts appearing at the top of my screen whilst I’m trying to play a game of angry birds. However I’m also not a fan of adverts disrupting my television programme, but like television I can understand the need for them, as with the need for mobile advertising.

This form of advertising is picking up pace with many companies realising the need to embrace this new method of marketing their products be it through smartphones or tablets.  Despite its popularity with the advertising world does it still need to prove its worth? If the statistics are anything to go by, compared to 2012 UK mobile advertising grew by 148% to £526m. The popularity of technology; smartphones and tablets have contributed to the growth of the industry.  So much so that companies are increasing their mobile advertising budgets.

Where Facebook initially struggled they are steadily succeeding, but are they generating the kind of income they had hoped for? Facebook has proven again that it can target adverts to smartphones and tablets, but questions remain regarding how effective those marketing messages are according to Forrester analyst Nate Elliott.

Facebook are managing to retain their number of users despite not all of those users being as active as they once were. This no doubt will affect the success of their mobile advertising ventures. Facebook could be doing too much too soon instead of focusing on one thing and making it a success. This year Facebook launched “Facebook Home” software which according to Google play has not received good reviews. Wanting to further expand, Facebook have purchased Parse, a start-up in paid tools and services for developing mobile apps.

For some jumping onto the mobile advertising train too quickly has resulted in some miscalculations. Remember the phrase, ‘You have to spend money to make money’.  Some mobile advertising start-ups maybe should have kept some of that money aside for a rainy day.  Though figures are showing the growth of mobile advertising this success has not been carried throughout the industry, with some mobile ad companies ‘restructuring’ resulting in layoffs.

As with anything technological it will be exploited to make a profit of some kind, in this case mobile advertising. As seen some companies will succeed, others have struggled with consequences whilst others keep on trying to break into the mobile advertising world. Until then I am going to have to put up with the adverts stalking my Facebook news feed and more importantly  the adverts over shadowing my game of angry birds.

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