Spa Day Twins

TheShiningTwinsOn Friday, I spent a well-deserved girlie spa day with my sister’s and two friends. It was a Groupon voucher thing and previous experiences have taught us that website pictures can be misleading. However we thought with two treatments and use of the facilities included in the price we would give it a go, and we weren’t disappointed.  The place we went to was the Radisson Blu Hotel London Stanstead Airport.

The hotel’s car park was jam packed so we parked in the adjoining car park. As you know airport car park prices are fairly steep, we just weren’t expecting the parking charges to be the cost of a cheap holiday! Neither one of our spa group are backwards in coming forwards so asked at the Spa desk if there were any parking concessions. Good thing too as parking was free for us, we had to let the concierge know on our way out and he swapped our parking tickets for a paid up one.

Even before we got into the spa are we had our first giggle session. Ladies don’t go shopping with your mothers. I say this because both me and my youngest sister bought new tankini’s for our spa day and went shopping with our mum separately..anyone guess where this is going yet? Yep, me and my sister ended up buying the same tankini.  Not having shown the other one what we had bought only discovered this on the day. I thought the days of our mum trying to dress her daughters the same had gone, but alas no she is still trying. My other sister only escaped because she is four months pregnant and had the foresight not to go shopping with our mum.

Only one of our group brought their gym clothing with them and spent the first 40 minutes having a bit of a work out. The rest of us ventured to the pool spa area from where we would be collected for our treatments when it was our turn. Though not very big, the swimming pool water was warm, the spa and sauna were nice, though I can only stay in the sauna for a small amount of time before I start to feel like I have been stranded in a dessert and hallucinating an oasis.

The deal itself included a back massage and a facial, but the therapists were happy for my pregnant sister to swap her back massage for a different treatment so she opted for a manicure.

I’ve been to some very nice spa’s and some awful spa’s, spa’s that would make you try and remember when you last had a tetanus immunisation and would it be considered bad form if you were to wrap yourself up in your towel so your skin did not come in contact with anything. Thankfully this place did not bring out the cleaning OCD in us. None of our group are what you would call domestic goddesses in fact I don’t even think my youngest sister knows what a dish sponge is (she does still lives at home), but if you pay money to be pampered you at least want the place to be clean. No one wants to be swimming in a pool only to see a mound of black mould glaring back you – we’re back to the whole wrapping yourself up tightly in your towel. Another plus for the day was there weren’t any overweight men wearing budgie smugglers!  I know I’m sounding sizest, possibly a bit sexist but no one and I mean no one, no matter how much you may dislike them, needs to be subjected to that image….EVER!

All in all the experience was an enjoyable one.

I do like a decent spa day; I haven’t been on a spa weekend break yet, time to start looking for a good deal.


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