What does blogging mean to you?

Many of us blog for different reasons;

–          A platform to vent our frustrations

–          A place to share emotions as the writer goes through a difficult time

–          Share knowledge

–          Generate an income

–          Would look good on a resume; depending on the type of blog

There are many more reasons that I have most likely missed off but this was all I could think of for now.

For me,I had recently started looking after the company I work for; JobServe’s, social media pages. I barely used my own LinkedIn and Facebook pages, didn’t use Twitter and vaguely knew about other social media platforms available let alone be able to effectively update the company pages. Nevertheless, with the whole ‘build your brand via social media’ was kicking off so thought it, would be another string to learn and add to my expanding bow. After a while Social Media in its traditional sense (Facebook, Twitter etc) itself was not enough for me. I had noticed that JobServe needed to write and share articles written by them. The site is a jobs board and not a recruitment agency but this didn’t mean that we shouldn’t engage with both our paying customers and candidates a like.

What initially began with me writing articles for JobServe developed into me creating a blog. If I can learn and try to build a company brand, then why not try and build a brand that is a bit closer to home, myself.

I know it may sound a bit strange calling myself a brand but welcome to the marketing world. One way or another we are all brands – remember that the next time you apply for a job and have left that incriminating photo on your public Facebook profile.

Initially my blog was going to about Social Media, Employment until my manager suggested I break it up by including things that are more specific to me. After all how can I build my personal brand without talking about me?

As I continue to blog it is no longer simply about building a brand or trying to increase traffic to the company pages. I blog because it is something I enjoy doing, as place where I can be myself without being judged. I enjoy reading all the diverse blogs, opinions out there and engaging with people from across the globe. With the up and coming authors starting out with blog chapters, I get to read a book as if it was a television series. I’m enticed to keep reading and waiting for the next blog segment and having the option to engage with the author.

Like any other online there are those who will be cruel with their words. But then again there are also bloggers who choose to write pieces that they know some readers will find controversial, guess it’s one way to increase traffic to your blog.

I believe it is true to say the pen is mightier than the sword, no matter what your choice of medium is the written word is a powerful and influential communication tool. There are many who regularly update a hand written diary, others have chose to write it in a digital format via a blog.

Whatever our reason, whether it be fact or fiction, the one thing we all have in common is that we enjoy writing, sharing, being as social or as anti social as we like. 🙂

What were your reasons for starting your blog and have they stayed the same?


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