Boom Boom Boooom let me hear you say wayo!

Yesterday I had the song ‘boom boom let me hear you say wayo’ going round my head. Only those few words as I couldn’t remember the rest of the song…after hearing the non radio edit version I now know why! 😮 My poor innocent ears, but then my immature side kicked in and I couldn’t help but laughing. I only listened to half the song. This then led to a discussion with the guys I sit with at work of the songs we listened to as we grew up, we are all similar ages. I spent the afternoon working of course, but also head bopping away to Vengaboys – Boom Boom and Aqua – Doctor Jones and Barbie Girl; German version. I am not fluent in German but it was the only version the guys had, besides who doesn’t know the words to ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ 😉

I haven’t been doing too badly this week. Found out I have a cupcake order, which got me all excited. Went to both my kickboxing classes, though from last nights one I did manage to do some damage to my left foot. Not sure how I managed it, the skin has come off the bottom of my big toe, would post a picture but it was too gross even for me to share. So am limping a little bit from that war wound.

Then this morning comes around. It’s a Friday, I should be giving Tigger a run for his money by bouncing around around…but no! Get into work all fine, bit croaky but hanging in there, now I am bunged up. Is it a cold? I did see my mum yesterday who was sporting the watery eyes and run down look, but I don’t think I have her germs. I’m being led to believe it is hayfever. the pollen count is apparently high. In place of sun to accompany the so-called warm temperatures there is an abundance of rain. Doubt there will be a hose pipe ban this year! Getting back to the hayfever, I’ve not ever suffered from hayfever, least not that I can remember, so why not have I come under attack, is it another sign that my body, internally and externally, is changing as I get older, aren’t I a lucky bunny?!?


2 thoughts on “Boom Boom Boooom let me hear you say wayo!

  1. Snap!

    I felt terrible yesterday

    I was OK in the morning but by lunchtime I was beginning to suffer – sore throat, running nose, and streaming eyes

    Several other folk at work were feeling the same and blaming it on hay fever.

    I don’t know it it was that or we were just passing germs round one another but today, fortunately, I feel a lot better !

    Perhaps you’ll feel better tomorrow ?


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