Charity & Father’s day cupcakes

It was father’s day over here in the UK on the 16th June. My dad is always difficult to buy for as he doesn’t ever say what he would like and whatever we do buy him he doesn’t use. This SAM_3030_ChocVelvetInside2[2]year I decided to try out some velvet cakes on him.  They were meant to be red but as you can see I didn’t use enough red food colouring so ended up with chocolate velvet cakes.

All the recipes I’ve read for red velvet cakes use a cream cheese icing. My dad wasn’t keen on the idea of cream cheese being used in icing so I stuck with buttercream. What I’ve haven’t yet mentioned is my dad is diabetic so cake probably wasn’t the best idea but he did enjoy it. I’m going to try making a cake with sweetener next time. My parents may make a fuss but they like sweet treats. For example, Asian sweets are nice but completely sugar loaded, this could explain why a high number of Asian people, as in Indians / Pakistani’s have diabetes. A whole box of Asian sweets will be in the house one day and guaranteed at least half of that box will be empty by the next with both parents blaming each other. So you can only imagine how the sweetener version cake is going to go down.

Last Thursday I received an order for 30 cupcakes, 10 chocolate, 10 lemon and 10 vanilla. I spent all of Saturday getting the boxes and baking. By the time I was finished and the cakes 20130622_161441_VanillaChocLemon[1]had been delivered I was exhausted! I’m definitely charging more next time. People on minimum wage would have earned more than me. I know for now having competitive prices is good as the more people that try my cakes and hopefully like them the better. The following day I was recovering from my baking marathon, I can’t remember the last time I was still in my pyjama’s at about 12pm. If it wasn’t to venture out to see my sister, the lure of being attacked by nephews was too strong, I swear those two have some kind of Jedi master powers,  I would probably still have been in my pyjamas for the remainder of the day.

Despite the exhaustion I do enjoy baking. Having a late night Friday didn’t help with an early morning start on Saturday. When you get two girls together who haven’t seen each other for a few weeks we tend to talk, a lot. We were bouncing of ideas about a tea room with a books, comfy sofa’s etc. Neither of us have any funds to make this a reality, unless we can find ourselves some sugar daddies, but both of us consciences so even that wouldn’t work. Until then we can enjoy at least dreaming about our tea room.

Asian weddings aren’t just about the wedding day, there a few more events that come prior to that special day. This weekend (I think) is the mehndi  / henna evening for an upcoming wedding which I am trying my best to not go to. At 34 you would think I would be ok standing by my decision? My mum is trying out the guilt trip which at the moment is not working, but then that little thing called a conscience kicks in. My mum has three daughters, one has already jumped in by saying she will still be at work the other is pregnant and won’t be able to make it. Lame excuses from both sisters as neither of them want to go either! So my mum has homed in on me saying, how will she get there and she will have to speak with the other aunties there. At least she won’t be targeted with the question ‘so when are you getting married?’, being forced to smile and play nice with others at the mehndi whilst having internal tourettes syndrome. It is exhausting being fake and once you are past a certain age couldn’t care less about what anyone things, it my case it was when I got past 30. Of course I can’t be rude as my mum would have to deal with the fall out, but honestly where does my mum think I got some of my charming personality traits from, it definitely wasn’t the fairies. 😉

No doubt I may cave and have to go but only because I am the good daughter and the other two are just pants! 😀


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