Work Colleagues

business_people_set_58297I know I should be solely focusing on driving when going to work, but it is a 45 minute journey and sometimes the radio is just full of rubbish so my mind wanders. The same thing happens when I’m at the gym. I was thinking that I spend more time with my work colleagues than I do with family and friends. I was also thinking about how working with these individuals has been a bit of an education for me.

I work in mostly a male environment though there are other women which allows my girlie side to rear itself now and then. I am by no means a ladette (can someone who doesn’t drink be a ladette?), and I definitely look female! Though compared to others I am considered innocent minded. Not saying women can’t be crude  but sometimes the guys do forget to put their filters on and speak as if there were no women around; that is always amusing for me especially when I ask them to explain some of the words I’ve not heard before. That can make them squirm and point blank not tell me. 😀 There is one manager at work who has no problem explaining the meaning of some words / phrases that I most definitely will not be using ever! I don’t mind that, saves me from having to Google it.

I like how the topic of conversations are not always about work. We are comfortable enough to share certain aspects of our lives. Though looking back, some of the things we have spoken about have been completely silly but seemed serious at the time. Discussion about ‘The Matrix 1, 2 and 3’ is crucial to my sci fi film education. FYI, I was disappointed with the 3rd installment.

Seeing the same people every day you begin to develop a rapport, some turn into friendships outside of work. However there is such a thing as over sharing. Not really sure how to react and what to say when someone I am OK with saying ‘morning’ to and making small talk with whilst making a cup of tea, out of the blue decides to share various intimate details of their marriage. Information that a treatment of hypnosis is the only way to bury that knowledge for all eternity. Or how when joking about prescribed ‘happy pills’ a colleague comes out with ‘they are already on them’. :-o. Fortunately I get on well with this particular individual so my level of sarcasm in response would be better received than me being nice. He would only worry and become suspicious of my behavior if I deviated from my normal personality trait. 😀 In otherwise more awkward situations I’m pretty much already standing in a hole, to avoid being buried I let that person talk, for whatever reason they needed to share (albeit possibly with someone closer to them or their therapist). The over sharers are good at their respective jobs; let’s face it, who doesn’t have problems outside of work?

I’ve been fortunate to have a decent enough relationship with those I sit with and my managers.  I accept that I am not going to get on with everyone I work with or even every department, I’m ok with that. In some circumstances you have to remain professional even when others aren’t. So I’ll slap on a smile all the while knowing that at some point karma will be paying those people a visit, I may even be lucky enough to be around when that happens.:-D


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