My first barbecue

What a busy weekend. I caved and went to the mehndi I was trying to avoid. I guess at least I got to eat and made a new friend; a young baby who seemed to send a lot of smiles my way.

Sunday morning I was not in the best of ways. The previous evening I arrived home late from the mehndi and from dropping my sister and mum off home. I still had to remove the mound of make up I had put on to make myself look presentable, in between messaging my brother and sister eventually falling asleep quite late.  I think I was also dehydrated from the previous day hence the headache Sunday morning.

This was the final weekend before one housemate moves out and leaves for France to study. She had been going on about wanting to have a barbecue for some time now. The sun was making an extremely rare appearance myself and both housemates decided to have our first barbecue.  I have to admit it was a pretty good first attempt and the food tasted good too! I’m almost encouraged to try and make my garden look a bit prettier with flowers so i would want to sit out there more often…maybe next year 😉 Down side I was exhausted.  There are days when I am sure I go to work to rest.

It’s one of my sister’s birthday today. Usually I have things like birthday card, maybe a cake all planned but this year I haven’t even remembered a card. Hence the lunch time run to the card shop, one of the few shops this little village does have. I most likely will not be seeing my sister tonight but she will be round with the little demons tomorrow. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My first barbecue

  1. ‘mehndi’ – someone getting married ?

    I think gardens are a mixed blessing. I like sitting out in mine when the weather is nice – but I wish someone else would cut the grass and pull out the weeds !


    • There is a family in the our town who parents have known for donkey’s years, one of their daughters was getting married on Sunday.

      I know what you mean about gardens, my dad sometimes comes and helps but it still ends up looking like a jungle in no time. There are days when I think I am allergic to my garden and the hard work that goes into maintaining it. 😉


  2. Ah yes the Mehndi’s – a place you either love or totally hate (of course when its not your own turn). As for BBQ well – I’m glad you enjoyed your first one, ever since I landed in University (few years back) BBQ were every evening and the entertainment provided by fellow students was fantastic – so good that we even once decided to have a BBQ in winter – just after in snowed – it’s one to remember. I look back at the pictures and sometimes can’t believe we did it – and the best part was people who turned up (some total strangers) actually enjoyed it.


    • I’ve been to some good mehndi’s and some not so much so. it’s the ones that you know are just being showy and it’s like another a wedding..but no atmosphere. The saving grace of this mehndi was I got to see some people I only see at these events.

      Thank you 🙂 Usually it’s my dad who does the BBQ, but this time it was me and three girls were impressed anyway, maybe we’re just easily pleased lol My youngest siblings came there are the two who are most likely to speak up if they didn’t like the food..they seemed happy enough. 🙂

      BBQ in the snow, lol crazy people!


  3. Glad you had the BBQ experience. I recently passed along the BBQ responsibility to my oldest son and his brother. I partake but they cook. And quite well, I might add.


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