Sleepless in Essex

3329119-cartoon-angry-rabbit-isolated-on-a-green-background (3)This is a bit of a rant so if you’re in a peppy, rainbows and lollipops kind of mood and don’t want it ruined, then turn away now.

This morning has not gone well so far. I am pleased that in the UK we’ve finally got some warm weather but last night despite the windows being open it was still a bit too hot, that I can cope with. What I didn’t expect was a police helicopter doing its rounds at 2am which would have been OK if I hadn’t just managed to fall asleep! I understand the need for the police to want to capture the targeted criminal but at 2am that was the last thing on my mind. Instead a few swear words came to mind, as well as the possibility of me surviving the sauna like conditions if I shut the windows to create some kind of buffer between my house and the increasing noise of the helicopter as it came to do another sweep of my part of the town. Plus side I may lose some weight sweating it out, downside I would still be awake!

After the third sweep either the helicopter decided to go annoy some other neighborhood or I was that exhausted I fell asleep then to be woken by my alarm going off at 6.30am.

To top it off there was no milk for a caffeine boost before I played nice nice with the other drivers on my to work.

I’ve had a sugar boost with some cake and got my tea. I’m still exhausted but am less of a grumpy bunny for the moment anyway. I have no idea how I am going to survive the day (most likely with the aid of lots of tea!) and make it to my kickboxing class tonight, maybe I’ll just lay there curled up in foetal position while I get attacked. 😦

I don’t think I’m going to handle parenthood very well if this is a taste of what broken sleep is going to be like. 😦


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