Kickboxing Class

Survived this week to make it to another Friday, albeit with two busted finger nails, a slightly bruised ankle and there was that one day this week that I embodied some less favourable personality traits of the she hulk from lack of sleep and caffeine.

Last night was a good kickboxing session in the sense that I was still standing and didn’t need to quickly retreat to my car at the end of the class to collapse in private! Though my fingernails are not at all long throughout the course of the lesson I managed to break two of them with the one drawing blood. But it was worth it. 😀

I’m not going for my next belt this time round but the girl I was partnered with last night is, so the class focused around some of the techniques she will be marked on, one involved the sparring section, this time we were only doing body shots. I have to admit we both went all out in pummeling each other but it was exhilarating with your adrenaline pumping when your natural instinct is to run (mine is anyway) but I’m standing my ground and fighting back.  By the end I could barely lift my arms but the endorphin’s were running high so was feeling pretty good. When I’m telling the guys at work they laugh at the thought of attacking or being attacked as being anything but fun, but they are used to me now, at barely 5ft there is only so much damage I can do lol.

Thursday’s class have a variety of different people, all very nice and approachable. It takes me time to feel comfortable with anyone before I start engaging more. This group want to socialise outside of the class, after the next grading, with a barbecue  You wouldn’t really call me a social butterfly but I think it would be a good way to get to know the other kickboxers a bit better and not feel so shy in the class. So bring it on 😀

P.S – Today having cake for breakfast, perfect start to my day 🙂


6 thoughts on “Kickboxing Class

    • Hi Bob, lol I will try. At first my introvert self may dominate before I’m brave enough to bring out my extrovert side 🙂

      Haha, I’m more of a kitten than a crouching tiger.


    • I have until 4th August but have to pay a small amount beforehand to commit myself. I’m going to bite the bullet & go.

      I’ve heard rumours that punching & kicking are not considered good social etiquette. 😉


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