My ‘get to the end of year’ plan.

DiaryPlannerWhilst speaking with a friend over the weekend we got onto the topic of careers and the future. We are both in our 30’s; she is married and was talking about her husband and his current employment. Her and her husband have very different outlooks and attitudes towards things yet complement each other, like ying and yang. My friend’s husband is very laid back and thinks he has all the time in the world whereas my friend is more proactive and wants things done there and then.

This discussion brought us on to the topic of having a five year plan. She has at least three, a backup plan for the backup plan, something her husband has not ever thought about and admittedly neither have I. My way of thinking and approach to things is nothing like my friends husbands though it did get me thinking whether it is something I should think about. I just about plan how I am going to get through the week let alone think about where I expect to be in five years’ time!

Is it necessary to have such a long term plan? In my view, circumstances change so quickly that the plan would need tweaking every so often, if you really wanted to go down this path wouldn’t it be more realistic to have a shorter plan, say three years?

In general I don’t long term plan, I find something I like then go with it for however long it lasts for or see if there is room for growth, if not then I move onto something else that piques my interest. No-one would have thought five years ago that this woman (me) who could barely cook a main meal has ended up baking and not doing a bad job of it either. I guess my next step would be thinking about seriously marketing myself and my cakes.

Where I want to be in five years’ time I honestly do not know.  Perhaps it would be an idea to start thinking about working towards some kind of goal? Upon reflection based on the different interests I have and the various things I enjoy I’m realistically working on a ‘get to the end of the year’ plan.

  • Register onto a cake decorating class
  • Get my blue belt in kickboxing (hopefully in December) without sustaining any injuries
  • Get my shed fixed (this has been on-going since I bought the house 4 years ago!)
  • Research the possibly of me and another friend having a ‘now and then’ cake stall, on top of our full time jobs.

No doubt there will be some amendments to this list as the year goes on, but at least it’s a start. 😀


3 thoughts on “My ‘get to the end of year’ plan.

  1. 5 year plan?

    On an aside, I think one of the dumbest interview questions ever is when the candidate for a job is asked where he or she sees themselves in 5 years time

    It’s obvious the candidate is going to give the answer the interviewer wants to hear – only someone who doesn’t really want the job is going to say they hope they will have won the lottery and been able to give up working for assholes, doing a mundane, boring, mind-numbing job and instead spend their days cruising the Caribbean or the Med on their luxury yacht 🙄

    P.S. I’m with you on this one. Five years is far too long a time span. Things change so rapidly now and many things that impact our lives are unknowable and outside our control – making it difficult to stick to any plan

    I think you are wise to adopt a more modest time-scale for your plan – though the end of the year still seems a mite ambitious to me (I can barely plan one or two weeks ahead) 😆


    • Good to know I’m not the only one who hasn’t got a 5 year plan in place. 😀

      I completely agree with the interview question. I have yet to have been with the same company for 5 years lets alone know where I see myself in that time frame. :-s

      I admit I am possibly pushing myself with a end of the year plan. My plan has already changed slightly. I’ve signed up to the cake decorating class which will be on a Saturday morning affecting my cake stall idea-that may have to go on the back burner for a bit.

      The important thing is at least I attempted to make some sort of plan. 😉


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