Sesame Street friends

I decided to try and spruce up my garden..again. I am still failing miserably but decided to paint the fence. After tackling the overgrown plant life, tending to my war wounds and running from the abnormally large (they were to me!) arachnids, the fence has been mostly painted and looking a lot better.

I survived kickboxing, barely. It was a form of circuit training or as I like to call it ‘hell’, I can’t confirm this but I think that I did see my life flash before eyes momentarily. 3 minute rounds of sparring, then whilst holding weights (the lightest weights were gone so I went with the 3kg ones) jabbing on each arm for a minute followed by lunges (still holding the weights) for 30 minutes. It’s not over yet, hold your body in the plank for a minute, then start all over again. Brownie points for that I managed to keep my dinner down. My inner she bear was coming out though, it would appear my sparring is improving as I was described as becoming more aggressive. I think it was more a case that I have to keep moving or I’m going to collapse!

Saturday, I made it to an auction being held at the art gallery my brother volunteers at then went along to a friend’s barbecue. I left as it had started raining heavily and I had to drive across the Dartford Bridge to get home. Simple heavy rain turned into a thunderstorm, can’t say I didn’t let out a faint whimper every time the clouds got a bit angry and roared, followed by the slashes of lightening plus the mini wave that splashed over the barriers along the dual carriage way. All in all not a fun experience.


20130729_073852_sesame_street[1]It’s my friend’s birthday this weekend and I’m making her a Sesame Street birthday cake (she asked for one in jest a while back). We were meant to work on it together but she was busy with work stuff. So as a surprise I have gone ahead and have decided to make the cake anyway. Next to Google, YouTube is becoming my ‘go to’ for knowledge and tutorials. I’m in the process of making the characters and logo.

This weekend hopefully the weather will hold out as my sister, me plus two nephews are spending the day with the same friend in Southend-On-Sea. None of us have there for some time, if we’re feeling youthful enough we may venture into Peter Pans Playground (not sure if it is still called that), personally I’m looking forward to the fresh doughnuts. 😀


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