At which point do you choose your career path?

kinds-of-cartoon-career-figures-vector-material_34-8975At which point do you choose your career path? At school, college, university, your 11st, 2nd, 3rd job?

I still haven’t figured it out, what I have found is something that not only am I good at but is also something that I enjoy and get paid for it! If you had said 10 years ago I would be working with social media and written articles for the company I work for I would most likely have scoffed at the idea, but here I am.

Naturally there are some professions that people tend to make a career choice early on because it is something they have a passion for and the amount of study time involved, such as medicine and the legal industry. This doesn’t mean people don’t move into those professions later on in life, if anything they are likely to bring a different set of life skills with them. This attitude can be applied to any profession. With the current changes in the job market a career change can be considered a good option. It could mean re-training, studying and in some cases working your way up the career ladder again (if that’s what you want.), but it’s a challenge and something to keep the cogs turning.

So when do you make the all-important career decision?

There is no specific point in life. For some they are fortunate enough to know which direction they are heading in sooner rather later. For the rest of us who are clueless it is a case of trial and error. Through various jobs and experimentation you find something that could or could not be considered a career but for now you are content with. Until you decide it is time to take the skills you have learnt and apply them to something new. Our career paths are continuously changing to meet not only the changes in the employment world but also the changes in ourselves. The person we were 5 years, 10 years ago is not the same person we are today and for some of us, our jobs need to reflect those changes. External factors such as technology can effect and influence our career choices. The rate at which technology changes 5 years is a long time in technology and your skills can be transferable to something which doesn’t even exist yet.

Where will I be in 5 years’ time? I don’t know, I seem to be getting into baking lately, maybe I’ll have my own little cake shop somewhere with my very own set of minions doing my bidding.

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