I’ll sit still one day :-)

Last bank holiday of the year over and done with.

SouthendFloodedSaturday was the torrential downpour which saw parts of Essex flooded, included Southend Seafront and the stretch of road know as Rayleigh Weir. Fortunately I wasn’t anywhere nearby instead choosing to drive to Romford to see my sister for a game of bowling with nephews. The drive there was horrendous, my poor windscreen wipers couldn’t keep up with the speed of the rain. Couple that with rain water spray from other cars, lets just say visibility was poor, yet some muppets still thought (only in their deluded world) that it made sense to tail gate other drives in this weather so they could go 70+ mph. They want to kill / injure themselves with stupidity then who am I to stand in their way, I just don’t want the consequences of their stupidity to affect me.

Eventually made it to my sisters, for our game of bowling. Apparently the place we went to also has a nice banqueting hall. Hence the Asian wedding party adorned in their saris and kurta pajama huddled under umbrella’s whilst waiting for the opportune moment to get into their cars. I’m guessing by this point that either the wedding was over or some people had decided to make a move early because of the weather.

Saying that, the bride and groom were still at the venue as they had they’re photos taken a few bowling lanes away from us. Not sure how I would feel the back drop to my wedding photo being a bowling lane with all pins up and ready to go – each to their own.

IMG-20130826-WA0000_OreoCupcakes[1]Rest of the weekend was spent trying out a climbing wall at a local sports centre, bbq at my brothers and attempting to make oreo biscuit cupcakes. Aesthetically the cakes looked cute, texture wise they were a bit crumbly. That could have been due to the milk I forgot to put in..oopps!

Did I mention my sister has asked me to organise her baby shower, bearing in mind I have enough trouble organising myself. I have at least a month and half to get things together so lets see how it all plays out. Lets not forget that I’m at kickboxing twice a week, will be going to use the climbing wall, gym and starting my cake decorating class in a weeks time (Saturday mornings).

My female multi tasking abilities better kick in soon because I’m going to need them!

Survived my second round of kickboxing last night, though am sporting some injuries today. One of the brown belts has an evil streak I think. It was a small group last night, myself another female and four guys. We all sparred with each other, though I’m sure sparring with the brown belt is like a form of initiation. If I survive I will be accepted into the fold. Despite needing to work on controlling my breathing I am still here to tell the tale. Not sure if it is because I have freakishly ZhenGuShuLotionsmall wrists, I didn’t clench a fist properly or became over enthusiastic and punched at an odd angle as my right hand wrist is bruised and sore today. Am massaging this lotion; Zheng Gu Shu, into the affected area. The smell is a bit potent similar to ibuprofen. I’ve used this lotion before when I’ve bruised my ankles, it helps to alleviate the pain.

I know I’m just glutton for punishment and will be back at training next week, hopefully my wrist will be recovered by then. 🙂

For some reason on the way to my kickboxing class the dashboard dials on my car decided to stop working, no movement or twitching of the the needles – nothing! Everything else was working fine but the dashboard dials. Turned the car on and off, still nothing. After the class, I turned the car on and everything is back to normal. Wonder if my car was being a bit of a cow bag and this was her way of telling me to be a bit more gentle with her in future!

The week’s not over yet, who knows what exciting drama’s await me over the weekend, ummm can’t wait. :-s


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