Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

galaxy-gearMobile phones gone from merely being used to make and receive phone calls to becoming mini computers in the palm of your hands.  This year we have been seeing technology companies go beyond mobile phones to tablets and integrating everyday accessories into the tech world. We’ve had Google Glass and now Samsung have released a smartwatch.

The Galaxy Gear watch is not your average watch, oh no. Aesthetically to some it is not the most attractive of watches but what do looks matter when it has a user interface to access you applications and a built in camera. Not only that, with a built in speaker and microphone you won’t need to access your phone to answer a call, just speak through your watch. For a small fee of say £190 you too can keep up with your tech savvy friends …if you have a Samsung phone or tablet to link the watch to.

Wipe away those tears, Apple are also expected to bring out their own smartwatch, Samsung just got there first this time. In their eagerness to beat Apple the Samsung smartwatch has been noted to have a few issues; ‘…the UI is a bit sluggish and occasionally unresponsive. The S-Voice is not entirely hands free and the battery will only last a day.’ This is the first wave of the Samsung smartwatch and likely to have a few teething problems that will most likely be ironed out in version 2.

This isn’t the first smartwatch on the market, Sony already have one and don’t forget the Pebble.

Personally I will pass on this piece of technology, I would have difficulty putting together an outfit that the worked well with the smartwatch.


5 thoughts on “Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

  1. I won’t be buying a smartwatch (or an iWatch) either

    I haven’t worn a watch for years and a quick look round the office the other day, when we were talking about this, found most people no longer wore a watch and those who did did so out of habit.

    The purpose of existing watches is just to tell the time. When so many folk now have mobile phones that show the current time on the home page, the need for a watch has disappeared

    I just can’t see a smart watch appealing to enough people to make it a profitable business venture

    Makes more sense (to me, anyway) to make a leather ‘holster’ to hold a person’s smartphone against their fore-arm 😆


    • I’m with you on this one, I don’t wear a watch anymore either.
      I guess technology to some will be like clothes to women, they will buy the new piece of technology / item of clothing and then it will sit in the cupboard and be forgotten about. 😉


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