Rock climbing & Cake Decorating class :-D

Not sure I remember everything I got up to last week, it was so long ago now. 😉

I visited a friend who wanted to make a carrot cake. All sounds good until I get there, her two young nephews would be helping with the baking. Not a problem if the minute I walked through the door I hadn’t been shot at with an arrow. Example of more fun yet to come! Oh and my friend didn’t have any scales or the cake recipe I had emailed to her. Luckily I had emailed her a recipe from a fellow blogger; gillskitchen4kids. So we improvised with the use of a jug.  A cut thumb, grated carrot everywhere and two young boys both wanting to use the hand mixer, the cake went into the oven.  Despite a few hiccups and plenty of cooks in the kitchen the cake tasted nice.

Me and my youngest brother had our first wall climbing lesson, (it worked out cheaper than the basic introduction lesson), the purpose was to teach us how to tie our ropes and belay safely. Our instructor was called Steve, he was very helpful and supportive. I don’t usually mention this about my youngest brother but he has learning difficulties which at times means he picks up things at a slower pace. Steve was extremely patient and supportive, encouraging my brother to push out of his comfort zone to reach the top. The aim is to not only for my brother to be involved in some kind of group activity but to also boost his confidence and make some friends. So if you are thinking of trying out the climbing wall at the Basildon Sports Village, then I would recommend Steve. We have our second lesson tonight. Hopefully we will then be ready to start attending the club classes.

I had my first cake decorating class this Saturday gone. I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect. The class is very small, only 4 in total. The teacher, Niri (think that is the correct spelling), is extremely patient. I have only covered the cake in marzipan so far but have learnt so much already. YouTube is brilliant but doesn’t20130907_maripanfillholes[1] 20130907_marzipancoveredcake[1]teach you all the little tips and tricks unless you are looking for something specific. Like filling in the little holes on the fruit cake with marzipan before covering it.

I have a spa day this week, I know I am always going on these things but I enjoy them and it’s nice way to relax and spend some time with friends.

Friday I am making my nephews Batman birthday cake for his birthday on Saturday. One of the graphic designers at work has been helping me come up with some design ideas for the cake.

Sunday I think I will sleep. 😉


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