Text speak in job adverts; Lking fr a jb?

It has happened, text speak is steadily filtering through to job adverts.

One simple question, why?

There are some who would say this is the way forward, the way to draw in a specific person. In my opinion this makes the advertiser look lazy and the advert look messy. Especially when the entire advert is written in one paragraph and in text speak.

‘Require Master’s or foreign equiv. deg in Comp. Science, Comp. Appl., CIS, Engg, Math or Bus. Require 1 year of exp as Comp Prgmr, Sys Anlst/Sys Eng, Eng, Dev, Conslt., Tech. Staff Member or equiv. The qualifying exp. must include at least three of the following comp. tech.: Java, J2EE, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, C/C++, JSP, Oracle, VC++, ATL, COM, DCOM, C#, VB.Net and ASP.Net. Empl. will accpt. any suitable comb of educ, training or exp..’

Surely job advertisers know the importance of a good job advert? The job advert should have a clear layout, why some advertisers choose to have all the key information regarding the job written in one paragraph is unusual, not to mention confusing and painful to read. Use bullet points or paragraphs to break up the information.

The description and requirements of the role should be clear and concise. Job related abbreviations are one thing writing the advert as if it were a text message is another. It is nice the advertiser would like to include details of the company and how wonderful they are to work for but isn’t necessarily required on a job advert. It is up to the candidate to do that kind of research for themselves.

Salary and location are paramount pieces of information all job postings should ideally have. If salary has not yet been agreed then provide some indication as to what stipulations are in place, such as salary will be dependent on experience.

Advertisers don’t complain you are attracting the wrong candidates when you have not taken the time to create a good advert. If then the right candidates are not turning up in droves then it’s time to look at other mitigating factors. Start with the basics first, a good job advert.


You can also view this on www.jobserve.com.


4 thoughts on “Text speak in job adverts; Lking fr a jb?

    • I spend a lot of time looking at job adverts and come across a lot of poorly written adverts. As much as we try and advise the advertisers on how to write a better job posting they still want to do things their own way.


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