Facebook venting

This is nothing new but this behaviour still manages to make me roll my eyes and think why would a person want to publicly vent via their social network? I guess it would be similar to a time before social media where people would share their feuds with everyone out in the streets, a bit like Eastenders.  At least then the person / colorful-boxing-gloves-vector-icons_21-84791325persons you were feuding with would know how you felt to their faces. With social media the person you are directing your frustrations at has to have some kind of access to your postings, if you are feuding with them the chances are they are not on your network and are not likely to see your posts anyway!  I suppose this kind of venting could be seen as a free form of therapy, let go of all your pent up anger and frustrations to all through social media and then wait for the sympathetic (nosy) responses asking ‘what is wrong’, ‘Are you ok?’, all done publicly of course, because what is the point of showing like you care if no one else can see it?

Ok I know I’m being a bit of stirrer here as for many people this type of behaviour helps, and it boost the ego when people do reply to your negative posts with words of support and helps you feel you are not so alone. What happens though when no one replies back? Not necessarily because no one on your network cares that the dark hole you seem to be sinking into is gradually becoming larger than an ocean. It could be that your posts are so ‘out there’ that no one knows what to reply with, and do not want to be the one who’s response pushes you over the preverbal edge.

Does social media help improve your mood though? I’m a bit dubious myself, if I’m feeling pants why would I want to see how happy everyone on my network is? Like with a lot things there is a term known as ‘Facebook status envy’, where you become envious of your friends holiday pictures, what they have been up to and generally seem to have a better life than you.  A US study was carried out to find out how Facebook affected people emotionally and their well-being. Before I reveal the findings keep in mind this study was only carried out for two weeks with 82 people taking part. In a nutshell, Facebook enhances peoples feeling of being socially connected, feel less lonely but not much so for the rest of their emotional well being. The more you use Facebook the more it could make you feel unhappy about your own life.  Personally I don’t think you need a study to tell you this, but it helps to have something to back up the claims that social media it not a great place for those who are going through some personal and emotional issues.

For some social media is a good way to help you get through some difficult phases, it’s a case of choosing which medium to use to express yourself; Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram etc

I like reading blogs, own personal choice. Facebook venting sessions I can do without. Maybe it’s the fact that many of the people on my Facebook are now in their 30’s and this type of behaviour seems a bit too playground. Alternatively it looks like it’s time to re-evaluate who is on my Facebook and clean up my news feed.

My public venting session over. 😉


5 thoughts on “Facebook venting

  1. Hi great post by the way. I can totally relate. I practically live my life through social media these days. I love to blog and tweet. Facebook not so much. My real friends have girl friends now and I find my self kind of lonely these days.

    Facebook ,twitter and blogging helps me cope because when I write a status or tell my problem to the world. There’s always someone like you out there who can relate or in the same situation.

    Social media helped me make many new friends but for a price of living more in a virtual world instead of the real one. Guess we need to learn to balance ourselves more than rely on social media completely. I’ve spent many lonely days and nights but thanks to my friends on social media we had many conversations to pass the time and keeping me company. It has its flaws but I love it.


  2. My pleasure u have a great blog. Me 2 I love my blog. I mostly use facebook to share my post. Blogging just helps me to destress sometimes let out how I feel and hoping for people who can relate will comment.


  3. I feel the same way! And it makes me feel so strange – there are people on my Facebook who I barely know, from high school or old jobs and yet I know SO much about their lives…why do you want me knowing that? Awkward!


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