Batman birthday cake drama’s

The cake baking was all on track Friday. Then came Friday 6pm. All baked nicely, I thought the cake was cooled. Cut the cake in half, bit wonky but still OK. When removing the top half the bloody thing started to break! OK, deep breath it can be rescued. It will look fine once covered in icing. Got the icing on and getting ready to place the top half on top then cover the entire cake in buttercream icing. What happens? Not only did the top half completely break in two then whilst icing the rest of the cake parts of the cake are breaking off. Smooth the buttercream out as best as possible and let it settle a bit before placing the fondant on top. Just when I though it couldn’t get any worse, I put the fondant on and everything is falling apart! The buttercream from has started going all soft and gooey that it could have been drunk with a straw. I’m trying to shape the cake with the fondant but where the cake is broken and the rest of it is slipping and sliding all the lumps and bumps are showing through…it was like cake cellulite! I had to admit defeat, pull off the fondant and make a new cake…at 8pm at night.  To top it all off, my sister phoned to see what time we would be getting round to hers the following day and to inform me the cheeky monster of a nephew apparently asked if he was getting a superman cake when before he had mentioned Batman. My sister asked if it was too late to change it, let me see, you’re asking me this at 9pm on a Friday night when you need the cake at 3pm the latest on Saturday…yes it’s too late! So Batman stayed.

BatmanUpAboveFortunately I had already made most of the decorations to go onto the cake so thatBatmansteps was one less thing to worry about. I got up early before my cake decorating class on Saturday morning to cover and finish off the cake.20130914_181443_choccupcakestars I had a few cupcakes already made so took them along. Both nephews loved the cake, though cheeky monster nephew did ask why there superman wasn’t on the cupcakes?!? A friend at work came up with the batman design idea. The writing was meant to go on top of the cake but for some reason the cake ended up being a bit smaller, so I improvised.

The party consisted of my family and sister’s in laws. It turned out better than expected, usually these type of gathering stress me out, it’s mostly the need to be on my best behaviour that is the most exhausting so I tend to stay quiet a lot. My sister’s, mother law’s uncle (still with me?) who is about 90 was visiting so he also came. The guy has very few remaining teeth left, has dodgy hearing but his mind is still as sharp as any blade. Apparently he can also do palmistry; he only reads palms during daylight hours though. The mother in law remembered this as they were leaving, this woman who is no relation to me is determined to get me married! Hence why she wanted her uncle to read my palm to find out when that day will be. Well what could I say or do when put on the spot like that in front of the members of my family who were still there and my sister’s in laws, other than smile sweetly and say ‘never mind, next time’.

Sunday I was exhausted but my housemate had been so patient with me the past few days whilst I turned the kitchen and living room into a baking warzone that it seemed right that I at least tidied up the place to make it reasonably presentable. I think I’m coming down with some germs or it could be where I am still a bit tired as I’m sniffling a bit.

Despite feeling like this I still went rock climbing on Monday. It was mine and my brothers first time at the beginners club. We didn’t really mix with other members of the group much this time as the instructor was keeping an eye on us and wanting to make sure we were comfortable with the rope and safety aspect of things. I came away with sore fingers and a grazed elbow but really enjoyed it.

pink-kickboxer-mdTuesday night was kickboxing. Ideally I should have stayed at home, but I missed last week’s class and didn’t want to miss another one in a row. It wasn’t too bad, I wasn’t 100% and my muscles were really tight. Put it this way, I slept well that night! Whilst speaking with another person from the class it turns out this is a different form of kickboxing to the one I go to on a Thursday, something I had no idea about. Essentially in my mind the moves and techniques are the same. The guy I was speaking to is going for his orange belt, there isn’t an orange belt in the grading system used by my Thursday class. Turns out I’m learning a Thai/Chinese form of kickboxing but no elbows or knees are used to attack. Think I will have to ask the instructor next week.

The rest of the week is going to be spent gong to the gym and round two of kickboxing. Then rest from Friday to Sunday evening.  My housemate is home this weekend so we may end up watching the second instalment of Twilight ; New Moon. Wish me luck, I just about survived watching the first movie; Twilight, thank goodness I also had food and my phone to placate me when the movie got a bit too painful for me to watch. Sorry to all the hardcore Twilight fans, I’ve not read the books though can believe they are likely to be much better than the films. With a few exceptions books rarely translate well into films.  Just my opinion.


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