Not a good start to the day!

What a morning!

Finally made it into work at approx. 11.30 am, bearing in mind I left for work at 7.45 for what should usually be a 45 minutes journey!

A lorry had flipped over with half of it smashing into the central reservation, resulting in the closure of the A12 north bound! Before reaching the turn off for the start of the diversion there has already been another accident which the police were tending to.

Not from being this part of Essex the best I could do was follow the diversion, luckily my phone also has GPS navigation so I was able to call on that when the diversions got a bit confusing.

Not enough with this, one of my work colleagues advised I come through the back roads when I got closer to work as the main high street leading to our building was also dealing with heavy traffic.

Happy Monday morning this was not! When I did finally get to sit down at my desk I was treated to a homemade brownie from another colleague, which helped.:-D

My brother and sister tried to make me feel better by outdoing my experience. Brother, travelled to work on a stinky train and sister had to deal with bins that were stunk out by my youngest nephew’s potent smelling nappies. Out of who has had the most challenging morning our sister won that one, I would sooner deal with traffic than toxic nappies!


4 thoughts on “Not a good start to the day!

  1. I have moments when traffic simply winds me up so bad, that I’m forced to bring out my motorbike. It usually only comes out during summer, but in winter has to be an exception. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid such incidents, they can happen whenever, but its nice to know what the travel options are other than driving in.


    • I had interchanging moods in today’s traffic, was annoyed for a bit then thought not much I can do then was in my own world bopping away to my music lol.
      For me driving is the only travel option, though today the traffic was the worst I’ve known it to be in a long time.
      Motorbike; that’s handy, though they’re modes of transport that scare me a bit so think I’ll stick with driving a car. 🙂


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