Week 5 cake decorating course

This week’s decorating class was about using different nozzles and colours.20131005_115943_CakeDecoratingBlobs[1] As you can see from the pictures my ‘blobs’ need more work, they look more like ‘splotches’ than ‘blobs’, not sure what the technical terms are though ‘splotches’ and ‘blobs’ works for me!

The teacher  keeps telling me I need to make things bigger, I can’t help being the delicate flower that I am that I naturally create smaller ‘blobs’.  If my ‘blobs’ had been better and bigger than they were the coloured icing would have looked much better.

20131005_115957_CakeDecoraringHang[1]I’m slowly getting better with controlling the icing bag and getting it to do what I want, especially with the hanging loops, just need to try and get them all the same length now.

I’ve bought the things to practice the icing at home and am going to have to start making the fondant bits for my sister’s baby shower cake so they have plenty of time to dry out.

The cold weather has hit the UK with the wind propelling me forward this morning, so no fear of the fondant going soft and sticky!

This Sunday I helped nephew #1 with his Kung Fu class, that many kids and an equally energetic, hyperactive instructor, next time I help out I’m taking one of those travel mugs with plenty of tea to keep me going!  My sister came along with nephew #2, when he is old enough he will also join the class.

My sister was going to her sister in laws later that day so I was left alone with the kids whilst she got ready, I had to play disciplining them as they now full one fight with each other then scream a lot. They did as they were told eventually, have to admit I was relieved when my sister came back down and I could go back to being Auntie who runs around and gets jumped on again. Plus side, between me and the nephews we had managed to tidy the living room.

Not long to go before niece #1 is here, not sure if I mentioned I went to one of my sister’s appointments with her and saw the baby while it was being scanned. I say ‘saw’, I couldn’t see anything but a blob to begin with. The nurse was saying ‘there’s its arm, ‘there’s its foot’, and my sister is going ‘ahhh, oh yes’. Then there is me thinking to myself, where..all I can see are dark shadows, none of which look like and arm or a foot! I could see her moving around as my sister’s stomach rippled (was like a scene from the film Alien without the additional horror factor) but couldn’t see her on the monitor. Then she decided to show her face which I saw and she yawned! Have a feeling she is going to be a stubborn one; she’ll fit right in with the rest of the women on the Saeed side of the family. 😉


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