Week 6 Cake decorating and baking

Last week was not a great week; I spent a great deal of it sitting in traffic. Come Friday I had about written off the week as I willed the weekend to come as quickly as possible.

Needless to say the weekend was much better. My cake decorating class didn’t get off to the greatest of starts with me struggling with the simplest task of making an icing bag. Once that drama was out of the way I was ready to begin piping. This week we learnt to pipe roses.20131012_PipedRoses[1]Not a flowery person by nature I have to admit I really enjoyed piping these. I went into my own world and practiced away. Being a lefty the teacher demonstrated to all how to pipe them as a right handed person then came showed me how to pipe them around a cocktail stick. You can tell which ones were done by the teacher and which ones were my attempts! 🙂

Once we had made a few of these we were taught how to make fondant roses.20131012_FondantRoses[1] The technique taught in this class is different to the tutorials I had watched on YouTube. Both are simple enough to follow and achieve the same results.

My baking weekend didn’t stop there. Since ‘borrowing’ my mum’s bread maker it has remained at my house. So I attempted to make cinnamon and sultana bread. I put the sultana’s in at the wrong stage so the majority of them stayed at the bottom of the bread. 20131012_CinnamonSultanaBread[1]A few made it actually into the bread and tasted nice. Not wanting to stop there I attempted to make pitta bread.20131013_PittaBread[1] Not bad for my first attempt, they are a bit small but I have small hands so were the right size for me. 🙂

It is Eid tomorrow, my family hasn’t usually made a big thing about it in the past. Though this year especially with the nephews we’re all gathering at my sister’s house. Everyone is taking a dish of some sort, I’m on sweet duty so am thinking of making sweet rice (Zarda). If I’m feeling generous I may attempt to make some homemade samosa’s..only if I’m feeling generous


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