Graduate Job Search: Social Media

You’ve done all you can with creating a generic CV, which you will tweak and tailor to certain jobs.

Being of the Gen Y generation you already know a CV isn’t enough to get you that golden ticket known as an interview.

That’s right, social media is also an important factor in getting employers to notice you. We’ll look at some of the key players and how you can effectively utilise them in your job search.


The majority of the world’s population have a Facebook page and no doubt you will look back fondly at the pictures of fresher’s week, the end of year balls not to mention those pictures which you don’t even remember, all publically saved and accessible by future employers.

Either ‘clean’ up this Facebook page and remove any evidence that is likely to paint you in a less than favourable light. Or increase the security settings on your existing Facebook and create another new Facebook page which can be used as an online version of your CV; highlighting your skills, work experience etc. Use this page to follow companies you would like to work for and build your social media brand.


LinkedIn, if you don’t already have an account for this network then create one. Use this environment to get in touch with potential employers ask them sensible questions directly and via groups. The more you effectively network the better.  Attach links to your online portfolios, blogs anything that is beneficial to your job hunting.


What you choose to blog about is entirely up to you.  If you are going to use your blog to showcase your knowledge then keep in mind that your blog is reflection of you and available for all including potential employers to see. Alternatively why not use your blog to create an online version of your CV. WordPress offer a variety of suitable themes.


Pinterest may not have been around as long as some of the well-known social networking sites but has continuously grown in popularity. This networking site was initially thought to be an effective tool for females to share web pages relating to fashion, food, celebrities. Due to the visual aspect this networking site is also becoming popular with businesses and job seekers.


You may not think you can do much with 140 characters lets alone promote yourself, but it can be done with a tweetsume.

Now you have an idea of how social media is more than just about updating statuses and photo albums go create your online brand and get yourself noticed by the right people.

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