Do we choose our careers or are they chosen for us?

There are personality assessments out there to determine which jobs are suited for your personality type. Are 23you a ‘thinker’, ‘sensitive, ‘extravert’, ‘introvert’ etc?  There are plenty of online assessments you can take to decide which group you fall into. I took this online personality assessment on the website The assessment and results are based on MBTI assessment, a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

According to the results my personality type is; INFJ: “Author”. Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. These are serious students and workers who really want to contribute. They make good therapists, general practitioners and ministers. 1% of the total population.


In reality I have mostly worked in admin and gradually moved into a mixture of admin  and Social Media Marketing related work with the occasional dabble in baking.  I’m also left handed and a Scorpio, if you’re to believe the theories on how the dominant hand and star sign can also affect our personalities which in turn could be linked to our careers choices.

Whether you are an Introvert or an Extravert by nature it doesn’t mean you cannot learn to adopt certain traits from each personality type to further your career. It may not always come naturally for an introvert to be engaging with people on a regular basis or being the centre of attention but it doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Have a look at some of the posts written by Bob McIntosh, he draws on his own experiences as well as how both introverts and Extraverts can go on to have successful careers in environments that may contradict certain aspects of a person’s personality.

If we were to go one step further there are companies who use Psychometric testing to determine if an individual is the right fit for the company / job even before meeting them.   This type of assessment includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational measurement. Does ‘failing’ this type of test mean you are not suited for a career in that industry or just not a career with that particular company? The MBTI assessment was created during a time to determine what type of war time jobs women would be the most ‘comfortable and effective in’. and considered effective for its purpose. Moving forward to today how many of these personality traits have been created by society, society’s idea of what personality type is expected to work in which environment? We know different personality types exist, our personalities are shaped by many external and internal factors, look at those with certain types of autism who have exceptional talent yet may struggle with the social aspect of the world they find themselves in.

Just because an individual is deemed to have a particular personality does not necessarily mean they are restricted to jobs commonly associated with that type. Passions, determination and that ‘one person’ seeing the potential in you can override any results of a personality assessment.

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2 thoughts on “Do we choose our careers or are they chosen for us?

  1. I don’t think much of psychometric tests

    Most people are cute enough to know what kind of traits or attributes employers will regard as important for a particular job and will tailor their responses on such tests to maximise their chances of proceeding to the next stage of the selection process


    • Definitely, in some cases maybe these tests work, though I think there is the risk these type of tests exclude potentially good employees whilst the rubbish ones slip through the net


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