Week 7 & 8 Cake Decorating plus Baby Shower

Week 7 cake decorating class went so quick I didn’t have time to take any pictures of what we were learning. We were working on creating collars for our cakes using a run out technique.

Week 8 involved piping a basket weave and a rope affect design.

20131026_BasketWeavePiping[1]The weaving effect turned out nicely, need a bit more practice but definitely a good effect to use around a cake or to create a basket.

Piping scrolls creating a rope effect proved to be a bit more challenging. Being left-handed I found it easier piping right to left, piping designs left to right proved a little be more tricky. On the whole it was not a bad attempt.20131026_ScrollRopePiping[1]

My sister’s baby shower finally arrived. I didn’t really have a plan in mind for the shower, tell a lie there was a plan it was called ‘winging it’. I had a few ideas in mind as to what games to play and fortunately they work well. Even the older kids got involved.20131025_BabyShowerTop[1] I hadn’t sent my sister any pictures of the baby shower cake I had been working on. 20131026_BabyShowerInside[1]She got to see it for the first time on the day and luckily for both of us she liked it. I had spent part of the week and the majority of Friday baking and finishing off the cake. The cake went down well with only a small slice left over.20131025_babyshowerside[1]

The following day I’m sure I had been infected with children germs, I woke up with a sore throat.

Sunday was spent going out for breakfast with an ex-housemate who was staying with me for a few days, going out with my brother and later watching Game of Thrones. I’ll be honest from what I had heard about this television series it didn’t really interest me. A friend at work had borrowed the box set from his friend and thought it would be something I would enjoy, I just have to keep an open mind about the level of nudity as it has an interesting story line – his words not mine. Well, talk about a number of male misogynistic characters in this series, a brother practically pimping out his sister in order to gain an army to battle his enemies and claim the throne he thinks is rightfully his, to the incestuous nature or another family that are also central to the storyline. Once you get your head around the number of dysfunctional families there is a reasonably decent storyline going on. I’ve watched the first two episodes and my friend is going to lend me the next DVD. I’m still trying to keep an open mind and am hoping that at some point there will be a few women doing a bit of booty kicking.

babygirlMy pregnant sister’s baby was initially not due until the 16th of November, the little bundle of joy must have wanted her presents sooner rather than later and was born today. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Week 7 & 8 Cake Decorating plus Baby Shower

    • Thank you, have to admit I do still get a bit shy when people who are not my friends or family try my cakes as there is the ‘what if they don’t like it’ fear.

      Niece, thank you, going to finally get to see her tonight. 🙂


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