News is being batted around about Twitter getting onto the NYSE and selling shares.

At the moment it would appear the shares are selling well at a higher than expected price. Don’t forget though that this also happened with Facebook’s share prices before they sharply fell. During this period Facebook did suffer some losses and took a few knocks before seeing an increase in share prices.

Perhaps Twitter will learn from Facebook’s mistakes, either way the ones expected to benefit the most from Twitter’s latest move will be the co-founders whose shares will have already increased in value. Unlike Sheryl Sandberg who did sell some of her Facebook shares, there haven’t been any reports of any of the Twitter founders selling any of their shares, yet.

Both Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social networks currently out there. Should users be concerned about these networks need to diversify generate profits? We have seen the effect Facebook’s changes from advertising to becoming a public company has had on its users.  In some instances there is the concern that Facebook are sacrificing the safety of some of their younger users in a bid to increase the number of page views. Though Facebook have denied this have said they want to give their younger users more choice and options to share their views and opinions by making their posts public posts which would have previously been private.

Twitter currently has fairly lax security measures in place something they have received criticism for in the past. Now they have become a public company with members of the public buying company shares, will this impact the way Twitter makes certain decisions?

It’s a wait and see game now.


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