Final Cake Decorating class & Birthday Cake!

It’s been an eventful few weeks. As some of you know my sister had a baby girl, so all the family are currently fawning over her.  Sister and baby who doesn’t have a name yet are doing well, though my sister is finding managing three children all below the age of 5 a bit challenging. 20131102_CourseCakeTop[1]

My cake decorating course has finished. The final class was two lessons back to back and involved using the techniques learnt and decorating the actual cake.20131102_CourseCakeSide[1] Here was the final result. I’m starting a new course on the 16th November, Fondant modelling, should be interesting.

The same weekend of my final cake decorating class was my youngest sister’s birthday. For her birthday cake she wanted a chocolate brownie cake. She’s not a fan of fondant or cake in general but chocolate brownies she likes. I have to be honest I wasn’t really sure where to begin so made a tester cake using a chocolate brownie cake recipe I found online. Other reviewers who had made this cake raved about it and thought was the bees knees. This cake was a heart attack waiting to happen! 20131020_GooeyChocBrownieCake[1]It was so sweet, just a few mouthfuls triggered nightmare visions of sitting in the dentists chair with a drill slowly moving towards me! Chocolate brownies should be slightly gooey as was this cake though I pretty sure with the amount of sugar, butter etc I could have used the goooey parts to put up wallpaper! You may think I’m exaggerating but my youngest sister tasted this cake, she likes sweet things but also found this cake a bit too sweet for her. If you are into this type of cake, here’s the recipe.

In the end I went with a brownie recipe I had used in the past and knew the whole family liked. This cake was also a good opportunity to have a go at making chocolate ganache and piping letters. I probably should have let the ganache dry a bit more before adding the piped letters so I could have put them on straighter, IMG-20131101-FarzanaCakeSide[1]I’ll remember for next time. I made the shoe using templates I found online, the first attempt flopped a bit, though second time round it was more sturdier.

IMG-20131101-FarzanaCakeTop[1] The end result was better than I had expected. There is still room for improvement but the cake tasted good…not a cake you should have if you’re on a diet but still a good cake. Following the cake cutting those of us who went out for a birthday family meal. This weekend was all about eating out or having take away. Birthday meal on Saturday then just me and the youngest two siblings went for sister’s birthday lunch the following day. In the evening it was one of those rare occasions where both myself and housemate were at home at the same time, so we treated ourselves to Chinese takeaway. I was lucky I could still move Monday morning!


2 thoughts on “Final Cake Decorating class & Birthday Cake!

    • Lol, not sure about expert but my skills are steadily improving. 🙂
      Thank you, being from a large family can sometimes be a pain, but one think for sure if there is always something going on. 🙂


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