Early Birthday cake

It’s my birthday soon and a good friend surprised me with an early birthday cake. I thought she was joking around when your mentioned it earlier in the week but then she sent me a picture of it Friday night. I was completely chuffed that she had taken the time to make me a cake. Due to her work schedule she isn’t free the weekend of my birthday so came round this weekend just gone, this by chance coincided with my sister coming round with all three kids.

IMG_20131108_ChocCakeFromNatasha[1]The cake was a Mary Berry recipe and so good. Although the real test to determine the success of the cake depended on if the 4 year old would give his seal of approval. We all breathed a sigh of relief when we got a thumbs up that it was good.

That same evening I got a taste of the same 4 year old transforming into a demonic force of nature and having a tantrum. I gave up in the end and left my parents and sister to deal with him. He has had tantrums before but not to this extent, it is possible they are a result of the new baby and is his way of getting attention. He hasn’t outwardly said or done anything to the new baby instead choosing to ignore her instead. Hopefully in time and with a lot of hugs and cuddles he will settle down. Nephew #2 who everyone was more concerned with seems to be coping with the new edition better than his older brother and tries to play with her but can’t quite understand why she won’t through the ball back to him. He is only 20 months.

Along with the cake I also recieved a present. I know I should have more will power but I caved and opened my birthday present from my cake friend. I got a new baking book, I’ve already begun making a list of the various recipes I want to try out. 😀

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it already but I’m hoping to go for my next kickboxing belt next month. As part of this I had to attend a close quarter’s session. This involved being taught some basic first aid training and self-defence moves, how to fight back should someone try to attack me. Although I do kickboxing boxing, out in the big bad world I don’t know what type of mean people I may come across (hopefully never!). With my build not every move is going to be effective, in the close quarters session we were taught some simple but effective techniques that if need be can be combined with kickboxing moves but will hopefully do enough damage. I was partnered with a guy so not all the moves worked on him; the instructors advice was if something doesn’t work keep trying something till you are able to escape. Have a backup move and backup for that move.


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