Less than two weeks to go.

My weekend started on Friday with a trip to London for a friends early birthday celebrations. I’m not a great traveler nor a lover of public transport yet I ventured onto London’s tubes as my stomach churned; deep breaths to help steady my stomach. After some food it was a short walk to the comedy club. I hadn’t been keeping track of where the comedy club was located and relied on my other friend, I then found out it was going to be on a damn boat!. Knowing I get travel sick you can imagine how I felt about having to be on a boat. Although anchored the boat still had tenancy to sway but I somehow managed to keep it together and enjoy the show. The journey home not so great and was happy when I was back in my own car ( I had driven part way and parked my car at the station car park) and back in control, even happier when I made it home and crawled up to my bed!

Saturday I started a new sugarcraft 6 week craft course, it is going OK so far. Will keep you posted.

The same weekend was my birthday; the whole family couldn’t get together at the same time so my sister with kids in tow came round to parents on the Saturday. Our parent’s house is always the meeting point, our parents get to see all of us and we get fed! Sunday the rest of use siblings got together for a joint birthday meal with my brother who’s birthday is two days after mine. As a result there was more birthday cake.20131118_BirthdayBalloon[1]

I don’t care what anyone says you are not ever too old to have a birthday balloon and this year was no exception.

After pretty much spending my entire birthday day eating, I was surprised by how much I managed to pack away but it had to be done. Those chocolates were not going to get eaten by magic so felt it was my duty to step up to the plate and eat them whilst watching Miss Congeniality.  Then it was back to reality and back to getting myself ready for grading which is in about two weeks.

I going to try and up my kickboxing classes this week from two to three by slipping in a class on Sunday morning. I know completely nuts, right but it’s not going to be a regular thing, I couldn’t afford to do three classes every week and I need time to do other things. At the moment I’ve hurt my left hand by (I think) being a bit over enthusiastic and possibly not punching correctly. I’ll go easy at tonight’s class and give the illusion that I’m in she-bear mode 😉

It has been donkey’s years since I last attended a grading so am a bit terrified of what to expect, forget she-bear more like my little pony at the moment.


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