Virtual job fairs: Is this the future of job searching?

As a whole we are moving towards new and innovative ways of interacting with others, embracing tools that will make this easier and remove obstacles such as geographical constraints. 

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, social media will play a significant part of search to find your ideal job / candidate. Gone are the days where you would post your CV along with the job application and cover letter. Today this is done online.

Recently I was sent a LinkedIn invitation to connect by the VP of This company help you to create an online event, picking the type of virtual hall from a selection of templates to host your event and customising it to suit your requirements.

How can this relate to job searching? Job fairs. The cost to host a physical job fair can be expensive, costs which are filtered through to exhibitors choosing to have a stand at such an event.  Then there is the advertising, creation of brochures and location. With a virtual job fair many of these obstacles are easily overcome in a more cost effective way. As with a physical career fair the aim is to bring future employers and job seekers together only in a virtual environment through the use of chat rooms, video conferencing, webcasts etc.  Exhibitors can have stands at a virtual job fair and login from a computer from their office if need be, and still be able to speak face to face with prospective future employees.

The location is in a virtual world enabling job seekers from across the country to easily attend. Like the companies attending a job seeker would also have a profile where they can  upload their CV readily available to distribute to potential employers.  Avatars are used to represent the employer and job seeker; these will be suited to the environment and not be a character known from the World of Warcraft computer game!

Before attending a virtual fair it doesn’t hurt to double check your internet connection, you wouldn’t want it to cut out mid conversation. Do some research about the companies that will be attending, some will have bio’s which you can access during the fair and download company brochures, but maybe there are some specific companies that you are interested in working for.

A virtual job fair should be treated the same as if you were attending a physical job fair. Maintain a level of professionalism, you could end up having a conversation with your future employer via video chat which means you should look the part, this is your opportunity to make a good impression don’t look like you have just crawled out of bed.

Where to find out when a virtual fair is likely to take place?

You can find out about when the next virtual job fair will be taking place via social media networks, job boards are likely to advertise information regarding dates, times and how to attend. Still can’t find any information, then it’s time to revert to your trusted search engine.

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