Kickboxing, eating and belly dancers

Friday a friend took me out for a late birthday dinner to a restaurant called Kenza in London. We tried to find somewhere nice that was local to me but it is difficult to find a restaurant that serves halal meat, as much as I enjoy eating vegetarian or fish meals there are times when I want meat, and this was one of them.

The place was very nice and exotic looking and had belly dancers. Overall the food was excellent, though I did find some of the lamb cubes a bit too tough for my liking. Only down side of the evening was it was freezing cold outside. Though I didn’t have to walk far, it was enough for me to feel like I was turning to ice!

Turns out the dates for my kickboxing grading got mixed up and it is actually this coming Sunday, 8th.  I’ve been training a fair bit for it and think I am ready. I am aching from the weekend kickboxing classes, the morning class was a bit bigger so it turned into a cardio workout session involving sparring and squats. I can just about walk! I know I know, I must be glutton for punishment because I keep going back, it’s the motivation to get that 2 pack. OK slight exaggeration, I eat too much to possibly get any pack, as long as I can keep my stomach in check then I’m a happy bunny.

I have noticed that I have been hungry a lot more lately, as in the sense of every few hours. I can only attribute this increase in appetite to the amount of exercise I have been doing. In my defence I have been trying to avoid the crisps and chocolate and gone straight for the cakes instead! 😉

Where I have been focusing more on preparing for the grading my baking has slipped. So I have ingredients piling up and reaching their expiry dates. 20131202_ChocChipCinnamonCookies[1]I know I can be a bit ditzy at times but for some reason it didn’t occur to me that butter has a best before date, which I now know. Part of the reason I made these chocolate chip and cinnamon cookies last night. It would seem it’s not just the cake I’ve kept as part of my junk food diet, it’s also biscuits.Whilst I waited for the next batch to cook I would eat a biscuit, I thought by making them a bit smaller it wouldn’t seem so bad..if I stuck with one biscuit. I brought then into work today and they disappeared quickly enough. As much as I like these biscuits they are filled with sugary joy and heart attack inducing quantities of butter. It’s not like I was going to eat the whole lot by myself. 😉


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