Yummy food & Kickboxing Disaster

It has been a busy few days, I’ve come to work to rest!

Friday it was my departments Christmas ‘gathering’. A number of us first went bowling then met up with the rest of the group afterwards for a meal. I’m not familiar with the area where all the activities were going to take place so one of my colleagues came with me. Whilst stopped at some traffic lights a motor cyclist started give me and my colleague some strange hand gestures, I was pretty sure I hadn’t endangered his life in any way so it took a few seconds for both of us to figure out that only one of my headlights were working, that is what the motor cyclist was telling us. In between bowling and going for the meal I was lucky enough to have enough time to pop along to a local Halfords who were luckily still opening to buy some new bulbs and have them fitted.

We went to an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Favoloso, for many of us the meal itself was nice though some of the guys who ordered steak weren’t overly impressed with the fact their steak had not been cooked to their liking. I can understand that for the staff serving a group of 16 people can take some time though I still think the service could have been better.

I got home quite late Friday night / Saturday morning, and was then up at 8.30 to get ready to go to my cake class.20131207_ButterflyCakwClass[1] Don’t ask me how I managed it but I was there and somewhat awake. I’m enjoying the techniques being taught in the class, 20131207_IcingButterfly[1]I’m not that great with some of the techniques just yet but I think my butterfly turned out pretty well for a first attempt.

After the class I popped to my parents to sort out a Christmas present for my youngest brother. We are both getting into climbing but it can be expensive with the additional equipment hiring costs, so I took him to try on some harnesses. He couldn’t decide between two harnesses, one came as part of a starter kit which also included a belay device and a chalk bag the other was solely a harness. The manager was nice enough to hold both harnesses overnight, come Sunday brother had decided on the starter pack.

Sunday was also the day of my grading. I have to say it was not a rip roaring success, the nerves got the better of me and at one point I did feel like I was going to be sick. To top it off, I also got hurt, my nose is bruised, there were a few tears, but I’ll live. I will find out the results in the next few weeks though I am not holding my breath!


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