Foggy weather

Of late the weather has been getting colder with the past few days there has been dense fog making driving difficult.fog_car Literally all you can see are the lights of the surrounding vehicles, those lights could resemble some kind of creature of the night that is lurking in the mist. OK I have about a 45 minute drive on a good day and an active imagination to keep me entertained on my journey.

This morning it was slightly icy, I tend to take some of the back roads which have been known to become an ice skating rink for cars, the barriers are the trees and ditches! For some unfortunate people they found out what it was like to hit into the ‘barriers’. It looked like one of the cars had crashed in the same spot I skidded and crashed last year. Luckily the driver appeared to be OK and other drivers had stopped to assist them.

Trees and ditches are not the only form of ‘barriers’ on the road, there are other vehicles. I understand that the fog hinders visibility and sometimes it can be difficult to stay in your own lane. Though I would really appreciate it if other driver would have the common sense to drive a bit slower if they can’t see clearly and try to stay in your own lane, especially if they are a van or 4×4 driver!


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