New Justin Bieber backed Selfie App

If you don’t know what a ‘selfie’ is then where have you been? For those of you who don’t know here is the definition taken from;  ‘a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website..

Shots-of-MeThe emergence of a selfie app called ‘Shots of Me’ has been backed by none other than Justin Bieber, for those of us who are no longer hormonal teenagers, he is a teenage old pop sensation who like many other pop stars these days are obsessed with posting images of themselves, usually taken by themselves online and is no stranger to receiving negative comments online. As a fan of the selfie, Bieber has invested a large percentage of the apps $1.1 million funding, putting his money where his selfie is!

The question is ‘how successful will this app be?’ We already have Snapchat and Instagram in place how will this app be any different?

With this app users can view the photos but are not able to publicly comment on them. Instead Shots of Me have adopted the private messaging system. In one sense if no one can see the negative comments then there is no encouragement for others to jump on the wagon and become a troll. This isn’t’t to say the owner of the selfie won’t receive any hurtful messages privately but it does gives the user more control in deleting them and removing any repeat offenders. One rule with this app is photos have to be taken using the front facing camera, users can only shoot Shots of Me within the app

Social media and such apps have allowed us to become more vain and self-absorbed, on the plus side also to be more self-confidence; users must have a certain level of self-esteem to post their image to the public right? Just as the social media world can boost you up it can also bring you crashing back down to earth, this is the dark side of the social media world and something this app is trying to tackle.

One picture can say a thousand words but does that person need to share every single selfie of themself to have a conversation?


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