Want to work for an excellent company?

I recently found out another female colleague is leaving for pastures new. I am happy for her as the move is the right one for her. Though she wasn’t part of the IT department she was one of the few females whom I had a rapport with.

I don’t mind being one of the few females working within the IT department. The other female works on a part time basis and the male colleagues who sit closest to me do their best to try and have girlie conversations but we eventually revert back to talking about marvel super heroes and occasionally cakes.

It would be nice to have a balance of male and female which I know can be difficult to achieve in the IT industry. I know female developers are not a myth, they do exist, I’ve seen them!

JobServeFBLogoSo I am putting this job opening out there to the blogging community. How would you like to come and work as a C# .NET Web Developer for a successful jobs board based in Tiptree, Essex? I

Tiptree is a quaint little place which has the well known jam factory that I have yet to visit, a Tesco, Asda, lots of pubs and a cute little coffee shop to go for lunch. Oh and I can’t forget Mo’s cafe who serve up huge portions of food at a reasonable price, it’s not a place for people on diets!

Plus the company provide all the free tea and coffee you want to your hearts content, a few times a month we even get homemade goodies depending on who in the department has been baking.

Still have your attention? Then keep reading.

The team are a friendly, welcoming bunch. I’ve worked with a few different people in the past and this has been the team where I have been the most comfortable.

The job is currently advertised on the JobServe website, have a look to see if this is something you could be interested in.

There will be logic test, but you’ll be a developer whiz so a logic test will be a walk in the park.

This job is open to everyone including new Graduates. We had an excellent young guy who was with us for two years and came straight from University so the bar is quite high.

Male, female, alien, whichever group you choose to associate with, if you have the skills, live in the UK and like cakes then apply.

Look forward to meeting you. 🙂


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