Christmas party; what to wear?

party_drinks_310288Some of you may have already had your Christmas party, others it is still to come.

The Christmas party can be the dreaded event where employees feel obligated to go or forever be labelled the office Grinch. For  others it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the festive season with their work colleagues at the companies expense plus reason to go out and buy a new outfit to show how attractive you can be outside of your work clothes.

As a female clothing is a big thing, us women always notice what others; male or female are wearing and how they overall look. It’s a trait we’re born with.

The question is what should you wear and what outfits should you completely avoid? As much as you would like to pull on the mini skirt and dress like you are in a music video it is still a company event which senior managers are also likely to attend.

  • If possible find out what is the dress code, is it a themed event?
  • Dress-up; No matter how much you may want to don this outfit, strictly no Sexy Santa’s. This applies to both the guys and girls.
  • Dresses; It’s great that you lost all that weight and now want to show off your figure, but avoid the extremely short and skin tight dresses. You want to remain classy, which brings us onto the next no no Christmas party fashion faux pas.
  • Keep your cleavage in check. As sexy as Jessica Rabbit was, she was an animated character who should remain on the big screen and not at the company Christmas party.
  • Footwear; for a girl no outfit is complete without the right shoes. Just remember that you’ll be wearing them for a long period of time and possibly dancing in them. Guys and girls, depending on the dress code avoid wearing trainers.
  • Makeup; Can hide a million flaws and highlight your natural features. Go overboard and you can look like you’re ready to join the circus.
  • Facial hair; Look smart and trimmed.

Overall, use a bit of common sense show off your individuality but in a sophisticated way. You want to be remembered for your work capabilities not for what you wore (or didn’t wear) to the Christmas party.


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